Innovations in Theatre Management to be discussed in Vienna

Vienna, May 16-17
Theatre, evolving from the earliest dawn of man as an expression of the inner self, is one of the oldest cultural and social institutions in our human history.  Theatre is a reflection of the society it serves, acting as critic, teacher, compatriot, clown and cohort. Despite the abundance of other media channels, theatre remains the very heart of the human condition. And yet, theatres are also a deeply invested effort from far more people than the performers on stage.  Theatres are the collective effort of personnel, strategies, technology, logistics and plain hard work. The theatre as a business unit is crucial to the theatre as a cultural institution. 
As the 21st century begins to unfold, it is ushering in a new era. A new vision of Theatre is emerging and taking shape on the stage, and also behind the curtains, at desks, on computer screens, and in the media. It enjoys an expansion of international collaboration and is affected by, and feeds off the development of global tourism. 
Attendance by foreign tourists, production tours abroad, participation in national and international festivals, online and TV-broadcasts and translations of performances – all contribute to increase the commercial and economic benefits of the theatre and, at the same time, influences the aims and priorities of theatre.  
In the current economic environment, replete with austerity cuts, and diminishing funding of the Arts, many theatres that were kept under the protection and care of the state are being adversely affected.  The changing economics of our current generation are demanding absolutely different strategies from these, and for that matter, all theatres in regards to the market. It is no longer sufficient to create and stage quality performances. Increasingly, success in the operation of theatres is achieved in partnership with the quality of theatre management, competent personnel, effective and efficient marketing and PR-strategies, professional funding and lean operations.
MSB events is proud to create and offer a focused international event, devoted to the management of theatre as a business unit. This conference will bring together leading institutions from Europe, the United States and CIS countries to discuss contemporary trends of management and management systems for theatres and principles of their work. This event is the second event produced by MSB under the theme “The Art of Managing Art”. We welcome Theatre people from all walks, from independent theatres to major cultural institutions to discuss, meet and network while learning how to succeed as a viable business in the production of performing art.
Management Topic: Organisation & Leadership
Cultural Area: Theatre+Dance
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Mar 09, 2013