SHOWTECH 2015 stays in Berlin

Its location is and will continue to be Berlin: SHOWTECH, the International Trade Show and Conference for Theatre, Film and Event, will again be held in the German capital in 2015.
By deciding on a venue, SHOWTECH organiser Reed Exhibitions Deutschland puts an end to the discussions and irritations caused by the announcement of another event or trade show for the theatre technology sector to be held at the Berlin Exhibition Centre in future.
The new SHOWTECH venue will be Tempelhof Airport from 19 to 21 May 2015 - "one of the most interesting and exciting event locations there is", says Hans-Joachim Erbel, CEO of SHOWTECH organiser Reed Exhibitions Deutschland. Since the acquisition of the SHOWTECH rights acquired from Messe Berlin in 2002, Reed Exhibitions has been the sole owner of all brand and event hosting rights. Since this time, SHOWTECH has evolved into the leading international event of the industry. This is also emphasised by top ratings for exhibitor and visitor satisfaction.
"SHOWTECH is the most important b2b event of the industry worldwide. With the decision on the venue, we create the foundations for further strengthening this trade show which enjoys the highest reputation worldwide as a basis for vigorous business and industry contacts", says Hans-Joachim Erbel.
The listed airport building dating from the 1930s is the perfect stage for presenting innovative products and new technologies. One example of this is "Bread & Butter", a very successful international trade show and worldwide trendsetter held in connection with the Berlin Fashion Week.
With its impressive main hall, the former aircraft hangars and the "apron", the airport building offers a spectacular setting.
At Tempelhof Airport, SHOWTECH will occupy a total of 18,000 m² in four hangars, 5,000 m² of exhibition area on the covered "Apron" plus 20 showrooms for large variety of demonstration and special areas.
As in the past, hall planning is by industry segments:
- Hangar 1 for stage technology

- Hangar 2 for lighting technology

- Hangar 3 for film, equipment and stage and

- Hangar 4 for the event and safety segment.
Access is in a central location via the large main hall which houses all visitor services.
The organiser expects more than 300 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and about 8,000 trade visitors to come to SHOWTECH 2015, almost 2,500 of whom will be international visitors from outside Germany.
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