Museums management in times of financial crises

Constructing sustainable Visions for the Future. Conference in cooperation with ICOM Slovenia, the National Museum of Slovenia and Kulturagenda - Institute for Museums, Cultural Enterprises and Audiences
October 4 & 5, National Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana
As the financial crisis deepens museums are even more at risk from further cuts in public funding. Thus we are convinced that museums need to learn and develop new ways of thinking and accommodate new aspects and perspectives to focus beyond anything other than survival.
This conference aims to explore new business models and creative approaches to museums’ funding and to share innovative methods of good management practice. Rather than a one-off event we envision the start of a European-wide platform for
debate and exchange of ideas.
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Management Topic: Financing & Sponsorship
Cultural Area: Museum+Visual Arts
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Aug 27, 2013