Management and the Arts 5th edition

William Byrnes is Professor of Arts Administration at Southern Utah University in Cedar City, UT. His textbook, Management and the Arts, soon in its fifth edition, is widely used in arts and culture management courses throughout the world. He has lectured on various arts management topics in America and in China, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Serbia, and Italy. He was member of the Editorial Advisory Committee of the Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management and is the editor for TD&T's "Inside USITT” report. He has been a long-standing member of the USITT Management Commission and has served in various leadership capacities in USITT since 1980, including serving as president in 2000-02. He is a Fellow in USITT and serves on the institute's Development Committee. He also serves on the board of the ESTA Foundation and is a member of the National Theatre Conference. In the following William Byrnes introduces his new edition of Management and the Arts.

With this new edition of Management and the Arts students, teachers, and arts and culture managers will find updates and revisions designed to enhance the book’s relevance. There has been an unprecedented amount of stress and strain in and around the creative industries since the last edition came out in 2008. In this new edition I have added more content about the creative industries and have incorporated many new chapter discussion topics. I have remained true to the core mission of the book which is designed to be a resource to help enhance the partnership of artists, arts managers, and the communities they serve.

Chapter titles have been updated and learning objectives have been created for each chapter. The chapter on leadership includes new content focusing on cultural competencies and international leadership attributes. Content has been added about creative cities and placemaking projects and more examples of museums and cultural heritage sites have been included in this edition.

Probably the biggest transformation of this edition is the creation of a companion website that is being designed to extend the impact and timeliness of the book. Instructors and students will be able to access content that has been curated to enhance and expand the topics covered in each chapter. Likewise, a new Arts Manager’s Toolkit section will provide links to videos, websites, and various worksheets and templates designed to be used in planning, finance, marketing, fundraising, and board development. The content of the website will be updated regularly to provide up-to-the minute perspectives about the evolving world of management and the arts.

The new edition of Management and the Arts is due to be released in early September 2014 and the new website will go live shortly thereafter at

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