22nd ENCATC Annual Conference: Is it just about money?

This week in Brno, Czech Republic, in the framework of the 22nd ENCATC Annual Conference, a diverse group of cultural professionals from Europe and around the world will discuss this year’s topic: "New Challenges for the Arts: Is it just about money?" We at Arts Management Network will provide you with current information and discussion topics during and after the conference. Additionally we will follow up with exclusive pickings such as interviews and reviews.

Academics, researchers, arts and cultural operators, students, policy makers, and artists from among others the United States, Canada, Singapore, Mexico, Taiwan, and Japan seize the opportunity to dialogue with leading experts in their field of cultural management and cultural policy to share expertise and experiences, gain new knowledge, enlarge their professional networks, and internationalise their careers.

Although wide ranging challenges related to social, aesthetic and economic aspects of arts management will be discussed, the question „Is it just about money?“ is noticeable throughout all of the panels. Nevertheless different topics are specifically focused. So, topics related to cultural heritage, arts and health, marketing, tourism or for instance audience development make up some oft he highlights.

Another apex of the conference will be the ENCATC Annual Research Session on 18 September. In this context a selected group of academics, researchers, trainers and cultural professionals present papers and exchange ideas. The 2014 Annual Research Session in Brno will build on the success of the previous Research Sessions organised in Antwerp, (2013), London (2012), Helsinki (2011), and Brussels (2010). Since its creation in 2010, over 95 authors have presented their work, coming from across Europe, but also Australia, Brazil, Japan, Malawi, Singapore, Turkey and the United States. ENCATC’s dedication to sharing, exchanging and reflecting on these topics proves once more the network’s aim to strengthen the European research area and to build knowledge societies.

This edition of the ENCATC Annual Research Session is implemented in the framework of the “Networks as learning experience” project aimed at creating a long lasting platform for cultural networks across Asia and Europe acting in the field of cultural management and cultural policy education.

Further detailed information about the updated programme, keynotes and speakers, the 5th Annual ENCATC Research Session, cultural seminars, study visits, participants, and practical information & maps can be downloaded here.


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Cultural Area: General
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Sep 16, 2014