The first Noted Innovation Fellowship for young Classical Music managers

The classical and contemporary music marketing agency WildKat PR has announced the launch of The Noted Innovation Fellowship. It will introduce newcomers to leading arts mangers in order to progress their careers. Kathleen Alder, founder of WildKat PR, has identified an interesting phenomenon in the classical music industry: There is a lot of financial support, encouragement and interest in finding the next big thing or prominent young artist to be on stage. But there is very little support for finding the youth and fresh thinking off stage. She feels that there is much more potential to attract new audiences and keep the industry alive. The formula of bringing innovative ideas, new technology, and youth passion is what has made WildKat PR one of the key agencies in the performing arts sector. Kathleen actively encourages hiring young staff with a passion for classical music and the arts. With this fellowship, she aims to educate and inspire a new generation of diverse and creative cultural leaders.

The Fellowship initiative will create a pathway for young innovators displaying a passion for forging positive change in the classical music industry. It aims to address the marked disparity between the levels of financial backing, training and encouragement extended to emerging artists, and the relative lack of similar support available for developing behind-the-scenes talent in administration roles. As most young people don’t have the opportunity to work with high profile clients. Thats's why Alder now offers a fellowship that is for anyone with a great idea, not only people with contacts in the industry.

‘I would  like to create a more open playing field. That is why the mentors we invited to be a part of the fellowship are a mixture of ages and experiences. There is always talk about our industry no longer being relevant, but how can we be current if we don’t trust the new generation to take its place alongside the traditional mindset?’

The fellowship has been created as a way to offer financial support, industry opportunities and mentorship. The opportunity is open to applicants aged 22-35 already working in arts management or administration – but not directly related to performance – within the UK, USA or Germany (the three countries in which WildKat operates).

The idea is to customize the fellowship around the recipient, in order to maximize their full potential and impact on the industry. The fellowship will also include placements with WildKat’s various partners including: festivals, concert halls, orchestras and artist managers.

This includes:

  • Support to implement a personal idea/ project that will help shake up the classical music industry and/ or the cultural sector
  • Gain knowledge and experience about PR, via WildKat PR
  • Create a brand (website, image, brochure, logo), with the help of Classical Music Design
  • Have free and full access to industry events and network
  • Get personalized mentorship
  • Receive £3500 (€4,500) to help fund your project

Applications are possible if the applicant is are currently working in the field of arts management or administration in classical music or the cultural sector. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Digital media
  • Festivals
  • Event management
  • Artist management
  • Photography
  • Videography

In other words, anything that is not being an artist or related to performing. Applicants may have had some early career success in showing a unique approach to their roles, but first of all a ‘fresh and energetic’ outlook from ‘an individual whose work makes the WildKat PR team excited’ is key in the early application stages. No worries if there is no sprinkling of early success on a CV. It is not common to be given freedom to innovate when you are new to the job or the industry.

How does one apply ?

Stage 1

  • Get them excited!
  • Tell your rough idea and a little bit about you.
  • A biography in whatever format up to 500 words
  • An explanation of your idea covering following questions: What is the big idea? What is innovative about the idea? How will it change/ disrupt the industry? Why do you deserve to be selected for the fellowship? What kind of support would you like in order to get the idea off the ground? The explanation can be a video or a song or a postcard or up to 1000 words of text
  • Finally, send your name, full street address, email address, phone contact, and details of current work
  • Deadline: midnight (GMT), 15th February 2015. Shortlist of candidates will be notified by 1st March 2015.

Stage 2

  • Your idea with more detail
  • If you are shortlisted, you will be asked for a more detailed project plan of your idea. This means you will have to think it through a bit more: How does it work? Who is involved? How might you sell it? What obstacles do you anticipate? How does it make money?
  • Don’t forget to include a timeline and budget.
  • Deadline: midnight (GMT), 15th March 2015

Stage 3
If you have really wow’d with your brilliance in stage 1 and 2, WildKat PR wants to meet you! This final stage will be an in-person interview at the offices (the city nearest to you – London, Berlin or New York)
Deadline: tbc

See for information on how to apply.

Management Topic: Education & Development
Cultural Area: Music+Concert
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Jan 15, 2015