CfP: Classical:Next 2016 Rotterdam

It has once again come to that time of year where Classical:NEXT begins its hunt for the best and brightest in art music. To offer an exceptional programme in Rotterdam on May 25-28 2016, Classical:NEXT assembles a handpicked selection of artists, speakers and projects each year. The organizers are calling for outstanding “NEXT” artists and classical music projects as well as future-oriented topics and interactive conference formats. Propose your Showcase, Conference Session or Project Pitch for the jury-selected programme of the next edition. The deadline to apply is Friday, 25 September 2015.

Classical:NEXT is a forum of the community, by the community: the programme content is created by classical music professionals. Over 2.000 international movers, shakers and everyday innovators from all sectors of the classical music business gather to share their knowledge and passion, while outstanding artists and projects showcase their talent live and in video presentations – all are invited to submit proposals for their programme suggestions.

All proposals for showcases and conference sessions will be considered by an independent jury of international experts – guaranteeing a neutral and balanced selection of only the best showcases and most pressing conference topics for Classical:NEXT 2016.

Short live concerts for soloists or small ensembles to present new repertoire, new approaches and/or new concert formats to hundreds of classical and contemporary music presenters and media. Video Showcases allow large ensembles or staged productions to be presented to the delegates. A sister-format to the Live Showcases, this category allows you to highlight your musical performance using your most beautiful video material. Project Pitches are a pitch of your project in a quick-fire 9-minute presentation including video and Q&A.

Take your topics, projects and passions and design an interactive session to transfer hands-on know-how to or find new solutions with the Classical:NEXT delegates. Informative, educational and/or controversial – present your topics, projects and passions to the Classical:NEXT delegates in the conference programme.

The conference section of Classical:NEXT offers talks, panel discussions and interactive sessions as well as mentoring and network formats. The main aim of the conference is to help delegates with burning issues, examine today’s challenges and find solutions together, to stay up-to-date with new developments and to shape the future of classical and contemporary music.

A broad range of topics can be addressed, from artistic topics to outreach and audience engagement to more business- and digital communication-related issues. Topics that are relevant to multiple sectors are especially welcome. The focus lies on open, participatory and interactive formats. The Classical:NEXT 2016 conference sessions will be selected by an independent jury from a multitude of proposals, embracing themes including:

  • NEXT:Income - new markets and the future of funding and financing ;
  • NEXT:Generation - future listeners and audience engagement concepts ;
  • NEXT:Technology - new solutions for new challenges ;
  • NEXT:Sound - new music, new formats, sonic influences and inspirations ;
  • NEXT:Society - music’s role in social change and personal growth.

In your proposal you should tell the jury how exactly you would like to design your session. The format can range from one qualified speaker giving new insights into their field of expertise or a small group (max. three) of speakers discussing a pressing issue on the stage to a truly interactive session – the organizers encourage you to go beyond stage and slideshow with hands-on workshops, barcamps, world cafés etc. Use your sessions to actively involve the delegates to find specific answers and approaches as well as to facilitate networking.

One-to-one Mentoring / Round-Table Mentoring
Mentoring sessions offer free one-to-one consultations (5x15 minutes) or round-table consultations (1x45 minutes) with experienced experts from a wide variety of fields, such as live production & touring, label & publishing, PR, new technologies etc.

Network Meetings
If you are interested in coordinating a network meeting, please contact us at

off C:N Presentations
If you are interested in booking an off C:N presentation, please contact us at

Please indicate clearly in your session abstract which session format you are proposing! Every format is possible but the maximum number allowed for a panel is three speakers. The conference session length is 45 minutes, so if your session takes the form of a lecture or panel discussion, be sure to include enough open-mic time for discussions. When writing your proposal, keep it as short, informative and convincing as possible. Put yourself in the jury’s shoes – they review hundreds of proposals, make their job easy! Get their attention immediately and show them how you fulfil the criteria. State the issue at hand, why it is important, and what questions will be addressed in your session. Remember that Classical:NEXT delegates are full of their own expertise: if it is appropriate to your session, make use of this! Engage the insightful professionals that are your audience.

Submission deadline is Friday, 25 September 2015.

Submit your proposal here.

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