CfP: Arts Management Newsletter on “An entirely new Arts Management”

Arts Management Network is dedicated to a cultural sector that is visionary, exemplary and cutting-edge. In more than 120 issues, the Arts Management Newsletter has been witness to a great deal of changes in the arts sector over the past ten years. Globalization, digitization and economization have brought both new challenges as well as opportunities for arts organizations around the world. For that reason, our aim is to present comprehensive worldwide developments while reviewing and fostering the special needs and local characteristics of the cultural sector in both developed and developing regions. Suiting these changing circumstances and now that our ten-year anniversary is approaching, we at Arts Management Network – just like the arts sector as a whole – feel that it is time to rethink ourselves in order to meet these changes head on. With a whole new platform and newsletter, we want to create a user-friendly environment that is best suited for professional exchange and discussion. The first “new” Arts Management Newsletter will be the prelude for exchange about “an entirely new Arts Management,” about societal and economical developments, problem-solving oriented perspectives, new organizational performances and the palpable role that art and culture will play for society in the future.

Topics and Focuses

Submitted papers should focus on new ideas about how the different tasks 
of cultural management in all parts of the world could and should work. Topics can be about - but are not restricted to - the aspects of structures within cultural organizations and the arts sector; participation and cooperation; financing and business models; leadership and people; as well as the following questions:
  • How can cultural managers engage more actively in political or societal dynamics and show how to create opportunities rather than problems? 
  • How can cultural organizations be a paradigm for other businesses and laboratories for innovative organizational structures – relating to e.g. corporate responsibility, sustainability, collaborations or diversity?
  • What kind of knowledge and experience can be transferred to other organizations from the arts in order to benefit from them in a multitude of contexts and foster internal and external knowledge-sharing? 
  • Are there innovative research projects that combine humanities and arts research with totally different aspects and scientific fields? 
The papers can represent 
  • theoretical analyses
  • quantitative, qualitative or mixed research outcomes
  • examples and applied case studies from arts and non-profit organization as well as from for-profit arts businesses
  • studies that address micro, meso, macro and cross-level perspectives
  • novel and innovative approaches, tools, and strategies in cultural management education and training
  • interviews with cultural management scholars, educators, leaders, and practitioners
  • in-depth experience and knowledge on non-western cultural management and the arts 
Submission Guidelines and Deadlines
To be considered for the April 2016 Arts Management Newsletter, papers need to be submitted via email by January 10th 2016. They should include a draft as well as a short CV with a combined total length of not more than 500 words. 
The editorial board of Arts Management Network will review all submitted papers and let the authors know about the publication decisions by January 31st 2016. The final contribution with a length of 2000 and 3000 words should be submitted by March 6th and, if necessary, include references and images. 
Management Topic: Policy & Research
Cultural Area: General
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Dec 22, 2015