YAJA - Young Art Journalism Awards in cooperation with Arts Management Network

YAJA is a project powered by Art News Portal to foster art journalism among journalism and creative art students worldwide. Themed "Contemporary art and culture captured by emerging journalists and creatives", YAJA gives students the opportunity to showcase their talent in capturing art and culture in a creative way. YAJA focuses on students who found their love for journalism and are a looking for an opportunity to impress future employers with a great piece of arts journalism. Since Arts Management Network is committed to the love for arts and journalism as well, we decided to invole in YAJA as a media partner. After the closing of the submission entries for YAJA in September 2016, we will select the best articles on cultural management, arts administration, creative industries and marketing, and publish them in a special issue of the Arts Management Quarterly with over 8.000 subscribers from arts institutions, cultural policy and the creative industries wordwide.

YAJA connects students with journalistic opportunities and audiences in the art industry. YAJA is independent and 100% self-funded, relying on sponsorships and donations. YAJA entrants are encouraged to get in touch with the industry and to create a piece of compelling media about art and global culture. 

Who can Enter?

  • YAJA is a Global Award.
  • Must be a current student or a fresh graduate from any recognised University
  • 2nd/+ year student or post graduate 
  • Students who are documenting or storytelling. (E.g. Journalism, Filmmaker, Photographer, Arts)
  • Single students or Student Project Groups

Why Enter?

YAJA is a great way to increase awareness and to showcase your talent. Discussions with students enrolled in Arts & Humanities, as well as with university professionals in Work Integrated Learning show that work experience opportunities are extremely hard to find. But starting a career with academic results only and no relevant work experience is almost impossible. Also, the media landscape is changing dramatically. Entering the YAJA, you receive a great opportunity to gain work experience while you study. Creating a compelling piece of Arts Journalism you are also in the competition to win the awards. Even if you don’t win, you’ve shown leadership in preparing for your professional career. Adding this experience to your skills portfolio will - no doubt - impress future employers.

  • Open journalistic opportunities
  • Industry mentoring and experience
  • Reach an established Audience 
  • Meet exciting and influential people
  • Networking opportunities
  • Industry and Awards recognition
  • Opportunity to receive donations from our sponsors

All entries will be published on, including social channels and eNewsletter. Furthermore, if your entry is on an issue in the field of cultural management, you have the chance to publish it in a special YAJA series on Arts Management Network. During the publication process the editorial staff of Arts Management Network will guide and mentor the selected students, introduce them to the workflow behind a digital journal, and show them how to rework any kind of article with regard of target groups and digital publication formats.

How to Enter

Sign up at You can submit an existing or already published article, write a new article (choose your own topic) or enquire for a media opportunity. Entries must be submitted using the online form.

Requirements and Quality

Entries must be in English and art, design or culture related and must contain:

  • Author Name / Student Group Name
  • Student ID
  • University Name
  • Catchy Headline
  • Teaser text
  • One article related hero image (min 1000px wide)
  • Min 300 to Max 1000 words of copy
  • Video Story or Supporting Video Clip (eg: Report / Interview) can be submitted as well (max 5 min, HD, can be filmed with Phone or GoPro) - Not a must have!
  • Audio file (eg: Interview) can be submitted as well - Not a must have!
  • Links to resources: Web, social, clips
  • #/@ tags

Conditions of entry

  • Entries must be submitted via
  • Entries must be in English and art and culture related
  • Entries open (January 2016)
  • Entries close (September 2016)
  • Shortlisted entries announced (September 2016)
  • Winners announced (0ctober 2016)

Shortlist and Judging

  • The YAJA team will announce shortlisted entries.
  • Winners are determined by a panel of University academics and respected industry figures.

Intellectual Property

  • Any submission created using unauthorized, pirated copies of computer software will not be accepted.
  • The organiser does not make any claims of copyright or intellectual property on the work entered.
  • Upon submission, the entrant gives permission to the organiser to publish, exhibit and promote their name, image and the content of the submission.
  • Entrants acknowledge their submissions may be used for publicity purposes.
  • The entrant acknowledges that the organiser has the right to reproduce materials in whole or part without payment of release or licensing fees to the holder of publication rights or copyright.
  • Upon submission, the entrant agrees to indemnify the organiser from and against any and all liability arising as a result of their entry infringing the intellectual property rights of any third party.
  • If an award finalist or winner is in breach of the terms and conditions of entry, the entrant’s submission will be deemed invalid and the award deemed null and void, and returned. The entrant may be liable for any costs associated as a result of action taken.
  • YAJA has the right to amend these terms and conditions at their discretion.

Sign up as a member at and simply use the standard online news submission form. After your submission has been reviewed by one of our editors it will immediately be featured on Art News Portal. After payment has been received your submission will be entered into the awards.

There is also an open Facebook Group YAJA TALK: to discuss YAJA-related topics. You can use it to share your thoughts, industry insights or to post media opportunities for students.

Proposed 2016 Awards Timeline    

OCTOBER Award submission / entries closed 
NOVEMBER Nominations Announced 
END NOVEMBER Presentation Winners announced

NOVEMBER 2017 Entries Open

Get on board


  • Select from open journalistic opportunities
  • Receive industry mentoring and experience
  • Reach an established Audience
  • Discover your creativity
  • Industry and Awards recognition
  • Opportunity to receive donations from our sponsors

Partner Universities - Benefits for sponsorship:

  • Coverage of University through entries from enrolled students
  • Recognition of excellence in tertiary education
  • Recognition for Awards partnership and academic leadership
  • Contribution to panel and judging process
  • Free advertising on Art News

Industry partners sponsoring students and their entries:

  • Coverage through awards entry
  • Collaborate with student and industry guidance
  • Be part of YAJA judging panel
  • Partners and sponsors receive free advertising on 


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Cultural Area: General
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Jan 18, 2016