Arts Management Quarterly No 124: An entirely new Arts Management

Societies worldwide are currently facing far-reaching and often challenging developments. And although every country’s arts sector has its peculiarities, these developments influence most countries and thereby their art sector as well. So, what can arts managers do to make the best of new circumstances and to help the societies we live in handle them? How can we use the arts' inherent creative potential to anticipate the changes that will come? What competencies and knowledge will we need in the future to fulfill our tasks? The approaches in the new issue of Arts Management Quarterly on "an entirely new Arts Management" want to find answers to this questions.


Often, the most successful organisations are not the ones with the biggest budget, but the ones that react early to changes, see them as opportunities instead of threats and try to find creative solutions that fit their individual situation, special needs and local characteristics. For us, these examples are ambassadors of the visionary, exemplary and cutting-edge arts sector we dedicate our work to. The approaches in this issue of Arts Management Quarterly – that you until now may have known as the Arts Management Newsletter – thus deal with novel, problem-solving oriented perspectives, organizational performances, or trends like new forms of participation and cooperation. All together, they draw a picture of the palpable role that art and arts leaders can play for the world’s societies and in the future.

"An entirely new Arts Management" - table of contents:

  • Culture and the Arts: What for?, by Maria Vlachou
  • Designing Inclusion. Cultural Policies empowered by digital and real Audiences, by Petya Koleva
  • How Globalization effects Cultural Management, by Raphaela Henze
  • Approaching an Understanding of Arts and Cultural Managers as Intercultural Brokers, by Victoria Durrer, Raphaela Henze and Ina Ross
  • Opera singer career startup. Welcome to personal entrepreneurship, by Zenaida des Aubris
  • Book preview: Introduction to International Arts Management

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Management Topic: Organisation & Leadership
Cultural Area: General
Submitted by editor-in-chief on Sep 29, 2016