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Arts Management Network is an international platform for arts managers, researchers, student, policy makers, journalists and professionals in the arts and creative sector. The platform started in 1996 as the first German online magazine for arts managers. Meanwhile the company maintains two online platforms with together more than 24.000 subscribers and about 80.000 users a month.

Arts Management Network offers various services like a monthly newsletter [1], the digital journal Arts Management Quarterly [2] or a guide to academic arts management courses [3] worldwide.

If you are a business or institution, you can use the platform to promote your programs, products or conferences - either by advertising [4] or media partnerships. Just contact us via office (at) [5].

Kristin Oswald
Dirk Schütz

Chief Online-Editor

Kristin Oswald is Chief Online-Editor of Arts Management network and Kulturmanagement network. She also works as trainer and project manager for museums, research institutions and in the educational sector.

She studied history and archaeology at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany, and at Universitá La Sapienza in Rome. Already during her academic studies she gained practical experiences in museums and in media relations. After an associate degree in Social MediaManagement at the Humboldt University Berlin she started a blog on arts and humanities communication.


Dirk Schütz is CEO of Arts Management network and Kulturmanagement network. He also teaches in the fields of Management, Marketing, Public Relations and Cultural Studies at different universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is CEO of Kulturpersonal, a consultancy specialised on human ressources in the arts sector.

He studied trumpet and piano at the Academy of Music in Weimar before he became the co-ordinator of the arts management department. Between 1999 and 2002, he was responsible for Public Relations and Marketing at the Faculty for Media at the Bauhaus-University Weimar. He also was project manager of the European Capitol of Culture 1995 - Luxembourg. 

Selected feedbacks by our users and readers

Our thanks for your efforts on behalf of arts management and your promotion of Allworth Press books. Yours is a most excellent site.
Cynthia Rivelli, Marketing Director, Allworth Press, New York City, USA

I visited your web site and thoroughly enjoyed reading the material posted there.
Val Marks, Marketing Consultant ARTIFAX SOFTWARE Ltd., London, UK

Many thanks for the fantastic site, very useful to all of us in Cultural field.
Evi Sfikaki, Managing Director, WORLD-CEF Organization, Greece

Thank you so much for your incredibly quick response ... referring to your excellent Website. Thank you very much for this valuable resource
Prof. Patricia Dewey, University of Oregon, Eugene, USA

Congratulations on the amazing growth your group has had. You are making such an important contribution to the world of arts administration.
Suzie Celentano, Theatre Management author, Washington DC, USA

The site looks very good.
Brian Whitehead, Arts Professional Portal and Journal, Cambridge, UK

Thank you for compiling such a great web resource!
Prof. Tuomas Auvinen, Arts Management Faculty, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland

I must say that your web site looks wonderful. I must say that AAAE is grateful to be included on the links page -- as, I might add, are we at the Center for Arts Management and Technology.
Prof. Dan Martin, Director of Center for Arts Management and Technology, Pittsburgh, USA

Thank you for compiling such a nice web site for arts administration issues
Prof. Andrew Taylor, Arts Management Faculty, Madison WI, USA

Your web site is very interesting and we are grateful for the information you provide
Prof. Shelley Crawford , Director of Canadian Association of Arts Administration Educators, Toronto

Thank you for your great initiative to share such a great resource of information. I am sharing your site and art management newsletter through my program distribution list of more than 100 artist, art managers and policy makers of Mongolia!
Ariunaa Tserenpil, Arts Culture Program Director, Mongolian Foundation for Open Society (Soros Foundation)

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