Arts Management Webinar: Starting a career in opera
03:00 PM Wednesday, April 19 2017 Duration: 1:00

You have just finished your vocal studies and are ready to take on the world and conquer the opera stages by storm. But as you know, it is not quite as easy as that.  Especially if you can’t even get an audition with an agent, let alone with an opera house. The ways for a young opera singer to get a job have greatly changed. For that reason, the first international edition of the established Arts Management Webinar will show you how to you can give your opera career a startup kick using everything from online platforms to social media, competitions and good old personal contacts!  

The webinar will start with a presentation by Zenaida des Aubris, Consultant for International Cultural Events with over 30 years of international experience in management and production of classical music. She will explain how an own website, social media profiles and special digital resources for self-management and presentation as an artist can help you in self-promotion and self-branding. After her approx. 40 minute long presentation, there will be an approx. 20 minute long Q & A session.

To take part, you can use the Zoom app for mobile and pc by clicking this link: There will also be a Facebook live stream here:  

Join our free webinar on April 19 at 3 pm CET (Berlin time).  


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