Discover New Horizons: Symposium Cultural Festival Studies
Friday, May 05 2017 All Day

»Potential of Cultural Festivals to Local Empowerment and Cultural Sustainability« - A symposium held as part of the course Festival Studies.

By festivals in the arts scene we understand events that take several days and that present outstanding, innovative and daring pieces, often in the presence of the artists, and that offer discourse and agenda setting. Donald Getz has identified three key discourses related to festivals, “namely the roles, meanings and impacts of festivals in society and culture, festival tourism, and festival management”. The first Symposium on Cultural Festival Studies, held in 2016, had a special focus on the contribution of these to internationalization (archive). The second Symposium in 2017 zooms in on the potential of festivals for local empowerment and cultural sustainability.

The concept of cultural sustainability refers to the impact of festivals on the cultural evolution of a local or regional society. This implies a high degree of case dependency: it is not only political and social political frameworks, but also urban or rural environments that provide a special context and challenge. Against this background, questions of human rights and gender as well as the contrast between tradition and modernization offer a broad framework for the symposium.

International speakers from festivals and universities will share and discuss their experiences and research results with master’s students and professionals.

More information on a detailed programme and on the speakers are available on the website.

Kufstein University of Applied Sciences
Kufstein Austria

Contact Information:
Verena Teissl