Classical:NEXT 2017
Saturday, May 20 2017 All Day

Classical:NEXT is a worldwide movement for all sectors and all approaches in art music. Innovators, veterans and multipliers alike gather for four days at our annual meeting, the 2017 edition will take place in Rotterdam from 17-20 May.

Showcase concerts, interactive conference sessions, an expo to present, mix and mingle - all these and more offer a variety of formats for exploring new artistic ideas, developing pioneering solutions and connecting with contacts.

The Classical:NEXT Conference is split into four main categories:

  • Conference Sessions
    • The core of our conference are the interactive conference sessions selected by our international jury.
  • Project Pitches
    • Project Pitches are short, jury-selected video presentations that allow insight into some of the most intriguing and NEXT developments in the art music sphere. The pitches are each held by the artist or a project representative live on site. The Project Pitch programme has been expanded for Classical:NEXT 2017, with 14 projects being presented this year.
  • Network Meetings
    • Classical:NEXT provides professional, international networks with a platform for their meetings and the chance to get together, connect with other delegates to broaden the network and develop ideas.
  • Mentoring
    • It is possible to book 15-minute consultations or roundtable consultations, both free of charge, with special mentors from various fields and occupations.

All formats will be presented in English. The full programme is available here.

For further information and to share can be contacted.

Further information about the registration procedure are available here.

De Doelen
Schouwburgplein 50
CL Rotterdam Netherlands 3012

Contact Information:
+49 30 318 614 47

Fee: 100 - 400