La rencontre de Lisboa - What kind of cooperation for culture
Friday, May 26 2017 All Day

„La rencontre de Lisboa - What kind of cooperation for culture“ is the topic of the next conference of LIKE - Les Rencontres. It will take place in Lisboa, Portugal from 24 to 25 May 2016.

Cooperation: this notion is at the heart of our work as a network. Because it has built with its main moto being competition and competitivity, Europe seems to have alienated the culture of cooperation and collaboration between European partners. As EU citizens increasingly express their rejection of EU institutions, feeling that the latter are pulling ever further away from their territories, it becomes urgent for cooperation to be reinvented in a more inclusive, better-governed and territorial way.

The Lisboa event of LIKE will be dedicated to getting an in-depth view of innovative models for cooperation, their potential impact on the face of the EU, and triggering non-linear European partnerships. The intention is, that local and regional authorities; cultural actors and operators from the arts; EU bodies and representatives should work together. Therefore it is important to answer the following questions: 

  • Would we want to reinforce cooperation, should not we start with culture?
  • Is there any other sector that can trigger as much interconnectedness, affect, links, and appetite for the Other?
  • Is there any other sector that can substantially help in giving (back) a meaning to the European project?

Provisional programme (in extracts)

Wednesday (24 May)

  • Board meeting
  • Keynote 1 :  The future of cooperation in multi-speed EU
  • Presentation of cultural policy-making by the City of Lisboa

Thursday (25 May)

  • Territorial Cooperation
    • Round table 1 : Is territorial diversity an obstacle or an opportunity for EU cooperation?
    • Round table 2 : Are EU spaces of cooperation the new nuclei for a revitalised Europe?

Friday (26 May)

  • Intersectoral Cooperation
    • Round table 3 : Shared value as a result of multistakeholder approach to governance: is changing cooperation also about changing the EU?
    • Round table 4 : "Empowering the voiceless" Intersectoral participation and engaging with diverse stakeholders in cultural projects : 3 examples
  • Cultural Cooperation and the Culture of Cooperation
    • Round table 5 : Cultural operators and actors of arts in EU programmes : strategies for survival
    • Keynote 2 : What is the urgency for cultural cooperation in Europe?

How to register?

Registration fees*:

  • 140 € (members)
  • 210 € (non-members)
  • Free (partners, get in touch with us for more info)

*Participation fees include social programme and meals.

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More practical information and a detailed programme are available on the event website.

Lisboa City Hall: Payos do Concello, Praya do Municipio - 1149-014
Centro Cultural de Belém: Praça do Impéro - 1449-003
Lisbon Portugal

Contact Information:
Margaux Rouchet (LIKE Event Manager)
+33 6 60 38 91 96 / +33 3 20 85 14 14

Fee: € 140 - € 210