The Connected Audience 2017
Thursday, September 14 2017 All Day

The Connected Audience: International Museums Conference on Audience Research and Development takes place in Vienna, Austri, 15-16 September 2017. The title of the 2017 conference is "New Ideas & Approaches for Meaningfully Differentiating and Supporting Diverse Audiences".

To successfully connect with audiences in a changing world, museums and other cultural institutions need to adapt to a pressing reality: they need to cater to the increasing demand for more individualized learning experiences. The world has undergone a fundamental social shift brought about by the transition of world economies from an Industrial to a Knowledge Age. All institutions, including comparable free-choice learning organizations, need to adapt their offerings in ways that accommodate an ever diversifying public and an audience with a growing expectation for customized, personally relevant learning experiences and services.

This 2-day international conference will discuss ways to meaningfully differentiate and support diverse audiences. It will further debate how audience research can support museums and other learning institutions in gaining a greater understanding about how and what customization and personalization mean in an increasingly globalized learning environment.  How can programmes and learning experiences be developed and marketed so that they fulfill the public’s growing expectation for individualized, personally-relevant experiences, especially in a world where the public itself is becoming ever-more diverse and sophisticated?

A major goal of the conference will be to reflect upon how audience research can be used as an effective management tool in supporting innovative concepts, ideas and activities.  Specifically, how audience research can support enhanced relationships with visitors and evidence-based and strategic decision-making.

A series of best practice examples, high profile key-note speakers, practical workshops and international networking will provide exceptional opportunities for experts, practitioners and academics to share experiences, learn from each other and collectively advance knowledge about the newest trends in audience research, evaluation and audience development.

Target Group
The conference aims to bring together audience research and evaluation experts, educational academics and practitioners, museum and cultural institution professionals, curators, marketers, educators and managers with a focus on audience research and development.

Institute for Learning Innovation

azw, Architecture Centre Vienna & Museumsquartier
Vienna Austria

Contact Information:
Mag. Christian Waltl MA & Dr. Sasha Palmquist

Fee: TBA