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Category: Overview / Cultural Areas / Foundations & Nonprofit
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Strategic Planning Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations _POPULAR

AuthorBryan W. Barry, Vincent Hyman
ISBN: 0940069075
Description: How do you reach your goals and make an impact when you're faced with funding cuts and increased competition? You'll find the answer in the Strategic Planning Workbook, Revised and Updated. With practical, step-by-step guidance and worksheets to develop your own plan, you'll gain a sense of direction that will guide your choices, build teamwork, and stimulate forward thinking


A good workhorse of a book which takes you through the steps of creating a strategic plan for your organization. A little sketchy in some areas but does provide great worksheets to action all the stages. I particularly liked the emphasis on trying to be realistic in your approach and in the resources needed.
Added on: 2002-11-25 12:13:10
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