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Category: Overview / Management Topics / Arts Economics
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Cultural Economics. The Arts, the Heritage and the Media Industries _POPULAR

AuthorRuth Towse / Abdul Khakee (Hrsg.)
ISBN: 1858983835
Description: These volumes contain a spread of influential articles on economic issues arising in all aspects of the cultural sector: the performing and creative arts, (including the art market); the heritage (museums and monuments) and the media industries (film, TV, recording etc.). Cultural economics, including in this term the economics of the arts, has developed steadily over the last thirty years, with a literature that is theoretical, empirical and institutional. Some of the most prominent economists have written on subjects in this field - Coase, Baumol, Peacock, Robbins, Scitovsky, West and it is now being developed by their successors, of whom Frey and Throsby are the best established.

82 articles, dating from 1959 to 1996
Volume I:
Part I: Overture
Part II: Tastes and Taste Formation
Part III: Demand Studies
Part IV: Supply: The Performing Arts
Part V: Supply: Museums and the Heritage
Part VI: Supply: The Media Industries
Part VII: The Art Market

Volume II: Part I: Economic History of the Arts
Part II: Artists‚ Labour Markets
Part III: Baumol's Cost Disease
Part IV: Non-Profit Organizations in the Arts
Part V: Public Subsidy for the Arts: Why? Theoretical Arguments
Part VI: Public Subsidy for the Arts: How Much?
Part VII: Public Subsidy for the Arts: How? Means to Achieve the Ends
Part VIII: Economic Impact of the Arts

Contributors include: O. Ashenfelter, W.J. Baumol, M. Blaug, R. Coase, B.S. Frey, L. Robbins, S. Rosen, T. Scitovsky, D. Throsby, E. West
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