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Category: Overview / Management Topics / Artist & Career Management
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Career Opportunities in the Music Industry _POPULAR

AuthorShelly Field
ISBN: 0816040842
Description: Career Opportunities in the Music Industry, Fourth Edition provides the most up-to-date information on over 80 exciting jobs in the music field. It is the most comprehensive resource available on every aspect of the music industry, such as the recording business, radio and television, music retailing, instrument repair and restoration, and education. Detailed descriptions of each job include current statistics on salary ranges, advancement opportunities, and the latest trends in a particular field. Positions profiled include: Record Producer, Program Director, Video Jockey, Piano Tuner-Technician, Conductor, Orchestra Manager, Elementary School Music Teacher, Music Therapist, and Choir Director.

Paperback 240 pages (July 2000)
Publisher: Facts on File Inc
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