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Category: Overview / Management Topics / Marketing & Public Relations
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The Complete Guide to Publicity : Maximize Visibility for Your Product, Service, or Organization _POPULAR

AuthorJoe Marconi
ISBN: 0844200913
Description: This up-to-date, comprehensive guide is packed with publicity expertise--from simple, low-cost ideas to sophisticated corporate strategy systems. Using an engaging, conversational style, the author explains how to define and set goals and objectives, master all publicity tools from a press release to the Internet, analyze media, create events and opportunities, and estimate results.

Reader reviews

Everything presented in this book will help those charged with the task of generating publicity. Fundamentally, it must be remembered that publicity is just that, it is not paid advertising, it must be managed, but cannot be completely controlled. The goal of the publicist is to provide relevant, newsworthy, information, which will be deemed to be of interest to a target audience. Present the media with an honest, credible, story, that will help them accomplish their goals (attracting more viewers, selling more papers or magazines, or attracting more interested readers to a web site) and your story is more likely to be heard by those you desire to reach. "The Complete Guide to Publicity" clearly defines publicity, what it is and is not, what to expect from a publicity effort, as well as the particulars to consider when dealing with various media and attempting to target specific audiences with your story. An excellent introduction to the strategy and structure of a publicity campaign!
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