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Category: Overview / Management Topics / Arts Economics
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A Handbook of Cultural Economics _POPULAR

AuthorRuth Towse, Pierre Hoa Larouche
ISBN: 1840643382
Description: A Handbook of Cultural Economics includes over 60 eminently readable and concise articles by 50 expert contributors. This unique and fascinating Handbook covers a wide area of cultural economics and its closely related subjects. While being accessible to any reader with a basic knowledge of economics, it presents a comprehensive study at the fore-front of the field.

Of the many subjects discussed, chapters include:
Art (including auctions, markets, prices, anthropology), artistsí labour markets, arts management and corporate sponsorship, globalization, the internet, media economics, museums, non-profit organisations, opera, performance indicators, performing arts, publishing, regulation, tax expenditures, value of culture and welfare economics.

Hardcover: 512 pages
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing (June 2003)
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