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Category: Overview / Management Topics / Arts Financing & Sponsorship
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Successful Fundraising : A Complete Handbook for Volunteers and Professionals _POPULAR

AuthorJoan Flanagan
ISBN: 0809238462
Description: Are you looking to raise $1000 -- or $1,000,000 -- for a particular cause, organization or charity? Successful Fundraising by Joan Flanagan will arm you with the information you need to capture your group's fair share of available fundraising dollars. Whether you are a community volunteer or a professional fundraiser, fundraising expert Joan Flanagan offers helpful tips and advice on gaining access to funds, on raising more money in a shorter period of time, and on building a more productive fundraising organization.
Packed with real-life examples from the author's extensive fundraising experience, this essential handbook is complete with planning guidelines, samples worksheets and timetables, plus all new information on using the Internet, e-mail, web sites, and online auctions as fundraising tools, and expanded coverage of working with celebrities to raise funds and how to win corporate dollars. All the tools you need to plan, create and then execute a successful fundraising effort are included in this comprehensive guide.
Today's fundraisers are facing the toughest competition in years and an uncertain economy. Flanagan provides volunteers and professionals with proven methods for landing major donors, organizing direct-mail solicitations and communitywide campaigns, and more. Flanagan also authored The Grass Roots Fundraising Book and The Successful Volunteer Organization.

Table of Contents

Fundraising in the Information Age: The Road Ahead for Fundraisers
The Fundraising Team
Selling Products and Services: Raising Money from Customers and Clients
Special Events
Getting Started: How to Ask for Money
Building the Base by Yourself: With Direct Mail, E-Mail, Phones, and Door-to-Door
Mass-Marketing Your Message: How the Professionals Use the Internet, Direct Mail,
Telemarketing, and Door Canvassing
How to Find the Big Givers
Major Gifts: The Big Gift---Now
Planned Gifts: The Big Gift---Later
Corporate Grants
Corporate Marketing Partnerships
Foundation Grants
Other Grant Makers: Religious Denominations,
United Ways and Alternative Funds, Organizations, and Government Grants and Contracts
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