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Category: Overview / Management Topics / Arts Financing & Sponsorship
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Successful Fundraising for Arts and Cultural Organizations _POPULAR

AuthorKaren Brooks Hopkins, Carolyn Stolper Friedman
ISBN: 1573560294
Description: Fundraising experts Karen Brooks Hopkins of the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Carolyn Stolper Friedman of the Contemporary Museum of Art in Chicago offer important insights into today's best fundraising strategies for arts and cultural organizations of all sizes. New to this edition is an in-depth examination of corporate sponsorships, as well as a detailed chapter on endowment campaigns. All statistics, appendixes, and examples have been updated, and many helpful examples, including pledge forms, campaign statements, and sponsorship contracts, are also included.

Table of contents
Chapter 1. Institution Building
Chapter 2. Leadership
Chapter 3. The Annual Fundraising Campaign
Chapter 4. Business
Chapter 5. Foundations
Chapter 6. Individuals
Chapter 7. Government
Chapter 8. Special Events
Chapter 9. Capital and Endowment Campaigns
A. Basic Fundraising Books
B. Keeping Up: Magazines, Newsletters, and Newspapers
C. Research Resources
D. Web Resources for Non-profit Fund-Raising
E. State Foundation Directories
F. State Arts Councils and Regional Arts Organizations
G. State Humanities Councils
H. Fundraising and Management Organizations
I. Arts and Cultural Service Organizations
J. Sponsorship vs. Advertising: Comparing Return
K. Fundraising Materials
L. Capital Campaign Materials
M. Teaching Ideas for Arts Administration Students
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