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Stage Management _POPULAR

AuthorLawrence Stern
ISBN: 0205273033
Description: Affectionately known as the bible of stage management, this classic guide has given thousands of readers the necessary tools to tackle stage management assignments, competently and confidently. It systematically examines the stage manager's role in overall theater production, focusing on what to do and how to do it. The role and responsibilities of the stage manager - from the characteristics of a good stage manager to the many details of show production - are spelled out in clear and practical terms. The aim throughout is to make theater-making easier for everyone concerned, but especially for the stage manager.
First published in 1974, this venerable text systematically examines the practical aspects of the stage manager's role and responsibilities. Features include a master calendar and prompt scripts, as well as discussion of how to work with production designers; the use of light, sound, and costumes
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