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Cultural Work: Understanding the Cultural Industries _POPULAR

AuthorAndrew Beck, Fabio Petri
ISBN: 0415289513
Description: "Cultural Work" examines the conditions of the production of culture. It maps the changed character of work within the cultural and creative industries, examines the increasing diversity of cultural work and offers new methods for analysing and thinking about cultural workplaces. This volume brings together a mixture of practitioners and scholars to think about the production of culture in an industrialized context. It includes those who began in the creative industries and now teach and study cultural practices, those who have left academia and are now involved in cultural production and those who maintain profiles as both educators and practitioners.
"Cultural Work" investigates various aspects of the creative industries. Studying television, popular music, performance art, radio, film production and live performance, it offers occupational biographies, cultural histories, practitioners' evidence, considerations of the economic environment as well as ways of observing and studying the cultural industries.

About the Author

Andrew Beck is head of Communication Culture and Media at Coventry University. He is co-author of Media Studies: The Essential Introduction (2001), and Communication Studies: The Essential Introduction (2001) both published by Routledge.
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