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Category: Overview / Management Topics / Legal aspects
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Legal Aspects of the Music Industry: An Insider's View _POPULAR

AuthorRichard Schulenberg
ISBN: 0823083640
Description: This comprehensive reference features in-depth discussions of every important music industry contract, all enlivened by personal anecdotes from the author's wide-ranging experiences. Updated to reflect the rapid pace of change in the music industry, this new edition includes a focus on group agreements, live performances, free music on the Internet, the effect of the Millennium Copyright Act, ancillary rights, and the independent record label. Other key issues covered include the artists' rebellion against record company contracts, litigation by superstars and songwriters against record labels, and the industry-wide downturn in record sales.

624 pages
Published in March 2005 (2nd edition)
(1st edition was from Feb 1999)
Added on: 2004-01-08 15:41:16
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