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Category: Overview / Management Topics / Marketing & Public Relations
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CPR for Nonprofits

AuthorAlvin Reiss
ISBN: 000000000
Description: In this innovative and pragmatic guidebook, Alvin Reiss shows how dozens of nonprofits have come up with creative strategies for tackling specific fundraising and marketing challenges. Using those models, he shows readers how to adapt winning strategies for use in their own organizations. His unique CPR (Challenge, Plan, Result) approach makes this more than a collection of case studies; instead, CPR for Nonprofits is a practical tool that helps nonprofits find solutions to the fundraising and marketing challenges they face every day. In engaging vignettes, Reiss introduces a real Challenge faced by a real nonprofit, guides readers through how the organization developed a Plan to meet the challenge, and then presents the successful Result of the organization's plan. He then asks the practical questions that readers need to answer in order to apply the organization's experience to their own fundraising and marketing programs. Throughout, Reiss tackles key issues such as stepping up board involvement in fundraising, increasing attendance at special events, and handling negative press in a accessible, no-nonsense, and even humorous style.

Chinese Edition, The Jossey-Bass Nonprofit & Social Leadership Series, Details and Ordering:
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