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Category: Overview / Management Topics / Cultural Policy & Research
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Culture. Beacon for the Future _POPULAR

AuthorD. Paul Schafer
ISBN: 027596499X
Description: Culture is essential to everything we do and is going to play a very significant role in the world of the future. In spite of this, most of us have only a hazy understanding of culture and do not realize how it will affect individual, institutional, community, national, and international affairs. This volume delves deeply into the domain of culture--both as a concept and as a reality--and proposes a formulation of the world system of the future according to culture's highest and most enduring principles. The author draws on many disciplines--anthropology, sociology, philosophy, cosmology, history, economics, and the arts--to make his case that culture and cultures should be accorded a central position in global development and human affairs in the future.

About the Author

D. PAUL SCHAFER is Director of the World Culture Project, based in Markham, Canada.

280 pages, Praeger Publishers; (November 30, 1998)

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