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Category: Overview / Management Topics / Arts Financing & Sponsorship
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Effective Fundraising: An Informal Guide _POPULAR

AuthorLuke Fitz Herbert
ISBN: 1903991404
Description: A starter guide for fundraisers, based on one of DSC's most established and popular courses. It shows how to identify the right funding sources for your cause, think creatively and practically about your fundraising, and be informed and successful in your approach. The book is in the following parts: are you a registered charity? (and what to do about it, if not); where the money is (and why companies give so much less than people suppose); why should people give you money anyway?; can you just ask people personally to give you donations for your cause? (the best and simplest method); what to do if you can't just ask people for money; Trusts 1 - is this easy money? Yes, but...; Trusts 2: Treat them like human beings, not like bank managers; companies - grants and sponsorship; The National Lottery - an exception to most fundraising generalisations; why you have no "core costs" overheads to fund, just "charitable activities". Hundreds of fundraisers have contributed directly or indirectly to the collective wisdom contained within this guide. The author brings together this wisdom, combines it with his own decades of fundraising experience at all levels, and enlivens it with his no-nonsense, entertaining style. This book should be of interest to newcomers to fundraising, or those with experience of only one aspect of the art. It is aimed mainly at the medium-sized or smaller charity or group, but may be equally valuable for those seeking to fund projects within the largest organizations.

Paperback 86 pages (January 30, 2004)
Publisher: Directory of Social Change
ISBN: 1903991404
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