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Category: Overview / Management Topics / Arts Financing & Sponsorship
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Finance for the Arts in Canada

AuthorHeather Clara Young
ISBN: 0973367504
Description: Finance for the Arts in Canada is a unique Canadian reference guide, self-study resource and textbook for the accounting and financial management functions in not-for-profit cultural organizations.
Written by a liberal arts grad, this outstanding book delivers excellent instructional value in clear, elegant prose. Young's comprehensive approach to the technical aspects of cultural management yields an indispensable resource for anyone concerned with the financial success of their organization

Finance for the Arts in Canada features:

- Straightforward, step-by-step explanations of core accounting and finance tasks
- Double-entry bookkeeping
- Financial statement preparation
- The accounting cycle
- Documentation and records-keeping
- Mid-year and year-end reporting
- The financial planning cycle
- Practical tips and techniques for excellent financial management
- Effective budget preparation
- Successful financial control strategies
- Sound cash management
- Appropriate financial reporting methods
- Healthy relationships with boards, funders, lenders and other stakeholders
- powerful analytical tools
- Constructive management during deficit and surplus situations
- Essential contextual information
- Legal framework of not-for-profit and charitable organizations
- Comparison of commercial and not-for-profit management approaches
- Generally accepted accounting principles
- Glossary containing 200+ definitions of key accounting and financial terms
- Numerous end-of-chapter questions with answers
- Test your comprehension
- Test your practical skills
- Refresh your basic arithmetic

About the author:

Heather Clara Young has worked in the field of arts management for close to twenty years. Her experience includes leadership roles with a variety of arts service organizations, theatre and dance producing companies, facilities, festivals and community organizations, in both professional and volunteer capacities.
Her company, Young Associates, founded in 1992, provides consulting, financial management and bookkeeping services to both not-for-profit and commercial arts and cultural organizations.
Heather teaches accounting and financial management to diploma and continuing education students in Humber College's Arts Administration programs. Heather was a 2004 recipient of Humber College's Continuing Education Award of Excellence for Outstanding Academic Contribution.
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