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Category: Overview / Management Topics / Arts Economics
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Handbook on the Economics of Art and Culture _POPULAR

AuthorV. Ginsburgh / David Throsby
ISBN: 0444508708
Description: Content:

I. Introduction.
1. Introduction and overview (V. Ginsburgh, D. Throsby). 2. On arts economics and the new economy (W. Baumol).

II. History and Method.
3. Art and culture in the history of economic thought (C. Goodwin). 4. History of art markets (N. De Marchi, H. van Miegroet) 5. History of music markets (F.M. Scherer).

III. Production and consumption of the arts.
6. Defining cultural goods (R. McCain). 7. Empirical studies of demand for the arts (B. Seaman). 8. Nonprofit firms in the performing arts (A. Brooks). 9. Technology and the income gap (TBA) 10. The economics of museums (B. Frey, S. Meier). 11. Creativity and the behaviour of artists (T. Bryant, D. Throsby). 12. Human capital theory and artistic careers (R. Towse). 13. Artists' labour markets (P.-M. Menger). 14. Empirical studies on labour markets in the arts (N. Alper, G. Wassall). 15. The economics of superstars: theories and their application (M. Adler).

IV. Arts Markets: Economic and Legal Issues.
16. Art auctions (O. Ashenfelter, K. Graddy). 17. Prices and returns for art (V. Ginsburgh, J. Mei, M. Moses). 18. The law and economics of art (W. Landes). 19. Censorship and free speech: First Amendment issues in the arts (R. Posner). 20. Economics of copies (F. Benhamou, V. Ginsburgh).

V. Cultural Industries.
21. Industrial organisation in arts industries (R. Caves). 22. Culture in international trade (K. Acheson, C. Maule). 23. Media and the press (S. Anderson, J. Gabszewicz). 24. Movies (A. de Vany). 25. Books (E. van Damme, J. van Ours).

VI. Culture and the Economy.
26. Value and the evaluation of value in culture (M. Hutter, M. Shell). 27. Culture and economic development (P. Streeten). 28. Culture and economic performance in industrialised countries (M. Casson). 29. Cultural heritage (TBA) 30. Cultural districts (W. Santagata). 31. Culture in urban and regional development (T. Bille, G. Schulze).

VII. Policy Issues.
32. State intervention in arts support (A. Peacock, D. Hume). 33. Cultural policy: a European view (R. van der Ploeg). 34. Cultural policy: an American view (D. Netzer). 35. Tax incentives in arts support (A. Feld, M. O'Hare, M. Schuster). 36. Philanthropy (S. Katz). 37. Light(or rock) music (A.B. Krueger). 38. Arts and the internet (P. Legros).

Hardcover: 1400 pages
Publisher: North Holland (November 13, 2006)
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