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Library Management: A Case Study Approach _POPULAR

AuthorRavonne E. Green
ISBN: 1843343495
Description: Aimed at professionals within the Library and Information Science field, this book aims to provide library managers with the requisite skills to utilize the case study approach as an effective method for problem solving and deliberation. The first chapter discusses the case study as a research tool. The second chapter outlines the processes involved in conducting a case study. An actual case model is presented in the third chapter. The succeeding chapters include case studies written by library management students at Valdosta State University in the USA. The chapters include discussion questions, analyses, and alternative scenarios to provoke further thought and discussion. Key Features: 1. Written from a practitioner's perspective 2. Draws on the author's wide-ranging practical experience as a library director 3. Draws on the experience of library and information science students 4. Guides the reader though the case study process 5. Suggests strategies for establishing and maintaining appropriate political, ethical, and interpersonal relationships for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting quantitative and qualitative data and reporting the case study.

Editor: Ravonne Green is an Assistant Professor at Valdosta State University in the MLIS program where she teaches library management courses.

Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Chandos Publishing (Oxford) Ltd (March 26, 2007)
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