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Category: Overview / Cultural Areas / Museum & Heritage
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Cultural Landscapes: Balancing Nature and Heritage in Preservation Practice _POPULAR

AuthorRichard Longstreth (Editor)
ISBN: 0816650985
Description: Innovative essays on establishing best practices in cultural landscape preservation.
Preservation has traditionally focused on saving prominent buildings of historical or architectural significance. Preserving cultural landscapes—the combined fabric of the natural and man-made environments—is a relatively new and often misunderstood idea among preservationists, but it is of increasing importance. The essays collected in this volume—case studies that include the Little Tokyo neighborhood in Los Angeles, the Cross Bronx Expressway, and a rural island in Puget Sound—underscore how this approach can be fruitfully applied. Together, they make clear that a cultural landscape perspective can be an essential underpinning for all historic preservation projects.
Contributors: Susan Calafate Boyle, National Park Service; Susan Buggey, U of Montreal; Michael Caratzas, Landmarks Preservation Commission (NYC); Courtney P. Fint, West Virginia Historic Preservation Office; Heidi Hohmann, Iowa State U; Hillary Jenks, USC; Randall Mason, U Penn; Robert Z. Melnick, U of Oregon; Nora Mitchell, National Park Service; Julie Riesenweber, U of Kentucky; Nancy Rottle, U of Washington; Bonnie Stepenoff, Southeast Missouri State U.
Richard Longstreth is professor of American studies and director of the graduate program in historic preservation at George Washington University. A past president of the Society of Architectural Historians and vice president of the Vernacular Architecture Forum, he has written extensively on architectural and urban history as well as on historic preservation subjects. Currently he is completing a detailed study, The Department Store Transformed, 1920–1960.

256 pages, April 2008, University of Minnesota Press
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