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Category: Overview / Management Topics
Subcategories: Artist & Career Management | Arts Economics | Arts Financing & Sponsorship | Cultural Policy & Research | Education & Development | Event & Venue Management | Legal aspects | Marketing & Public Relations | Organisation & Leadership
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AuthorDerrick Chong
ISBN: 0415236819
Description: This work educates existing and future arts managers to appreciate their artistic, managerial and social responsibilities, to understand the context and conditions faced by arts and cultural organizations in contemporary society and associated critical issues in management

Derrick Chong has studied business administration and art history at universities in Canada and earned a PhD from the University of London for a comparative analysis of managerialism in art museums. His research projects tend towards management and the arts, including this study of arts management as a new sub-discipline.

Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • Arts research
  • Cultural entrepreneurship
  • Collaborations in the arts
  • Artistic leadership <lli>Strategic positioning and brand identity </lli>
  • Arts marketing and audience development
  • Management by numbers
  • Raising funds and financing
  • Organizational forms and dynamics
  • Bibliography
  • Index

    Hardcover, 172 pages
    Publisher: Taylor & Francis, Inc., January 2002

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