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Museum Marketing: Competing in the Global Marketplace _POPULAR

AuthorRuth Rentschler, Anne-Marie Hede
ISBN: 0750680652
Description: Museums have moved from a product to a marketing focus within the last ten years. This has entailed a painful reorientation of approaches to understanding visitors as customers; new ways of fundraising and sponsorship as government funding decreases; and grappling with using the internet for marketing.This book brings the latest in marketing thinking to bear on the museum sector taking into account both the commercial issues and social mission it involves. Carefully structured to be highly accessible the book offers: a contemporary and relevant and global approach to museum marketing written by authors in Britain, Australia, the United States, and Asia; an approach that reflects the particular challenges museums of varying sizes face when seeking to market an experience to a diverse set of stakeholders: audience; funders; sponsors and government; a particular focus on museum marketing in the 'Information Age'; and, major case studies at the beginning and end of each section of the book, and smaller case studies within chapters.The hugely experienced author team, includes both leading academics and practitioners to ensure the book has broad appeal and is both relevant, innovative and progressive in approach.

It will be essential reading for students in museum studies, non-profit marketing, and arts management and marketing. It will also be equally relevant for professionals working in and managing museums and galleries, heritage attractions and ministries of arts. This is the most up-to-date treatment of marketing museums with a global approach. There is a blend of academic and practitioner expertise to appeal to students and professionals seeking a contemporary and relevant approach. It features a range of international case studies that demonstrate the museum experience and draw out the particular challenges that museums and galleries of varying sizes and types face in the global marketplace.

296 pages
Butterworth Heinemann (July 2007)
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