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Booking Performance Tours: Marketing and Acquiring Live Arts and Entertainment _POPULAR

AuthorTony Micocci
ISBN: 158115500
Description: Booking Performance Tours is the quintessential guide for anyone involved in the touring of live arts and entertainment—as a producer, artist, presenter, agent, manager, or attorney. Industry insider Tony Micocci shares keen insights on:
  • Relationships among producers, agents, managers, and presenters
  • Negotiating styles
  • Taxation
  • Technology
  • Ethics in professional dealings
  • Booking strategies
  • Nonprofit versus commercial touring
  • Special considerations for booking Broadway and popular music
  • International touring
  • External factors affecting the field

    Booking Performance Tours includes nearly 100 pages of appendixes containing engagement contracts, technical riders, deal memos, and representation contracts, with extensive point-by-point analyses of all provisions. This book is destined to become the classic reference for the industry.

    336 pages, January 2008, Allworth Press

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