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China Book Publishing. The Official Industry Report, Second Edition _POPULAR

AuthorThe GAPP Book Department (Editor)
ISBN: 2147483647
Description: China Book Publishing: The Official Industry Report is a revised and expanded edition of China Book Publishing: The First Official Industry Report published in 2007. In addition to new chapters analyzing publishers and their products, the book also provides a more detailed investigation of the human resources in China’s publishing industry. It aims to present a general picture of the industry, covering industrial environment, press-based performance, book exports, copyright trade, and so on. It will definitely serve as a comprehensive and authoritative reference book for media authorities, researchers, publishing professionals, and anyone who is interested in China’s book publishing industry.

Introduction. Chapter 1 External Environment. Chapter 2 Overall Analysis. Chapter 3 Status Quo of Chinese Publishers. Chapter 4 Book Classification and Publication. Chapter 5 Foreign Trade. Chapter 6 Human Resources. Conclusion: Development Trends of China’s Book Publishing Industry. Appendix: Laws and Regulations on Publishing.


The General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP) or the National Copyright Administration of the People’s Republic of China operates directly under the State Council, taking charge of press, publication, and copyrights. The GAPP Book Department supervises the content of books both before and after publication and all publishing activities, formulates policies, rules, and regulations on book publication, handles applications for setting up new publishing organizations (including publishing groups), and manages the ISBNs.
The project team compiling this industry report was organized by the GAPP Book Department. It is made up of officials from the department and also experts and professors in publishing.

Published: October 2009
200 pages
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