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An Anatomy of Arts Management, Volume 2 _POPULAR

AuthorGesa Birnkraut, Karin Wolf
ISBN: 398114371
Description: Budgets are getting lower, simultaneously the competitors become more and more. So the cultural sector is in the dire need of a long-acting restructuring . In the course of this structural modification entrepreneurship in the arts becomes more and more important.

In the second volume of An Anatomy of Ars Management the Institut für Kulturkonzepte Vienna and the Institut für Kulturkonzepte Hamburg pay attention to this trend and take part in the dialog around the very need of entrepreneurship in the arts with contributions from renowned authors and arts manager. The two main themes of this year`s volume are evaluation and theatre management.

An exercise in evaluation first requires targets to be set and mission statements to be defined and drawn up.The contributions by Oliver Bemmé and Birte Hedden look at the basic principles behind this very topic. The article by Birnkraut/Heller introduces a new evaluation system which has just produced its first, positive results in a practical setting.

Even the traditional German-speaking system of theatre has to face up to the economic challenge oft he 21st century. Therefore the contributions of the second chapter point up some strategies and approaches for theatre manager. Having been involved with the topic, Gregor Hopf is witnessing a constant reality check in the productions he oversees. Markus Miko presents the results of his latest studies, undertaken in 2007. Milena Dragićević Šešić offers an insight into the theatre landscape in Serbia, together with a look at the implications for arts policy. Yvonne Meyer from jazz organiser „beeflat“ rounds things off with an insider`s view of the situation.

Finally Sebastian Berwerck writes about electronic music in the classical music scene, Sue Kay offers an insight into the management situation among British arts institutions, Monika Wagner reports on „Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur“, an initiative devoted to greater social justice, and Dirk Heinze from „Kulturmanagement Network“ gives a review of the trends in 2007/2008.

With the launch of the volumes of An Anatomy of Ars Management the institutes establish a new link between research and practice in the field of arts management. This has been brought about by interdisciplinary contributions on a host of different themes an areas of activity. The first volume was published in 2007.

An Anatomy of Ars Management is a range of specialist books on arts management including articles in English and German.

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