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Category: Overview / Management Topics / Cultural Policy & Research
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Cities, Cultural Policy and Governance _POPULAR

AuthorHelmut Anheier, Yudhishthir Raj Isar
ISBN: 1446201236
Description: The cultural presence in struggles around political, economic, technical, and legal issues centered in the realities of cities can become catalysts for changes in a whole range of institutional domains - markets, participatory governance, judicial recourse, cultures of engagement and deliberation, and rights for members of the urban community regardless of lineage and origin. The resurgence of the city as a site for research on these major contemporary dynamics is evident in many different disciplines - sociology, anthropology, economic geography, cultural studies, and literary criticism... This volume is a significant contribution to this larger body of research and interpretation... It opens new ground for research, interpretation and policy making in our emergent global urban era

Paperback: 472 pages
Sage Publications (CA), published in May 2, 2012
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