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Arts and Business Sweden  Popular
Description: Arts and Business Sweden (Kultur och Näringsliv) is a forum for partnership between business and the arts, financed by fee-paying members. Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson, is its Honorary President. Members of Arts and Business Sweden, who come from a wide range of industries, form a unique network of key personnel from business, enterprise organisations and arts organisations, and a platform for cross-over contacts between individuals.
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Submitted on: Feb 15, 2006


Creative Business Management  Popular
Description: Creative Business Management is a unique new education aiming to run a long with the creative industries needs and wishes and to become a Swedish center of excellence.
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Submitted on: Feb 15, 2006


Culturenet Sweden  Popular
Description: Culturenet Sweden is the virtual gateway to all Swedish cultural life with a network of links to many imaginative websites and cultural manifestations of all sorts.
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Submitted on: Dec 11, 2006


Foundation for the Culture of the Future  Popular
Description: The Foundation for the Culture of the Future was established by the Swedish Government in 1994. The purpose is to financially support long-term and innovative cultural projects, thus stimulating regional culture in a wide sense.
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Submitted on: Feb 14, 2007


Kulturverkstan  Popular
Description: Kulturverkstan is an education for project makers within the cultural sphere. It reaches out to artists, musicians, actors, writers and filmmakers. However, also scholars, scientists, journalists, editors and other people with an interest to work within the culture field are welcome.
The education has an international aim with studytrips to cultural projects within and outside Europe.
Kulturverkstan is an Advanced Vocational Education and started 1999. It is operated by Nätverkstan, an actor in the west Swedish cultural life and is owned by 30 cultural journals from the region.
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Submitted on: Mar 06, 2006


Ministry of Education, Research and Culture, Sweden  Popular
Description: Ministry of Education, Research and Culture of Sweden is responsible for matters regarding pre-school education and child care for school children, pre-school classes, compulsory school and equivalent schools, upper secondary school, independent schools, adult education, popular adult education, post-secondary education, universities and university colleges, research, study support, student social issues, youth policy, culture and media.
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Submitted on: Jul 02, 2006


Swedish Arts Grants Committee  Popular
Description: The Arts Grants Committee supports professional artists’ work, development and international contacts and keeps itself informed about artists’ financial and social circumstances. These activities are financed by the Swedish government.
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Submitted on: Jul 06, 2006


Swedish Industrial Design Foundation  Popular
Description: Swedish Industrial Design Foundation aims to improve the awareness within the private and public sectors of the importance of design as a competitive tool and to encourage the integration of design methodology into their activities.
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Submitted on: Feb 14, 2007


Swedish Music Publishers Association  Popular
Description: Swedish Music Publishers Association is the trade organization for music publishers in Sweden. Its mission is to work for increased knowledge about, and increased respect for copyright, and thereby for increased respect for the right holders and their creative work.
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Submitted on: Feb 14, 2007


Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs  Popular
Description: The Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs is a government authority whose principal task is to implement national cultural policy determined by the Parliament.
The Council for Cultural Affairs supports, develops and initiates interaction between the state, the regions, municipalities and representatives for cultural life in Sweden. The aim is to safeguard and develop Swedish national cultural policy, and to promote cultural diversity and an even geographical spread in cultural provision.
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Submitted on: May 25, 2006


Swedish Performing Rights Society  Popular
Description: Swedish Performing Rights Society protects the interests of authors and publishers of music in Sweden. It not only administers and licences rights to music and text, but also promotes the creation and dissemination of new Swedish music.
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Submitted on: Feb 14, 2007