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Arts Council, Norway  Popular
Description: The primary task of Arts Council Norway is to provide funding for artistic and cultural projects. Another major task of the Council is to serve in an advisory capacity for the central authorities and cultural operators. The third principal task of this organisation is to initiate trial projects and hold conferences and inquiries in areas in which we believe there is a need for such activities.
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Submitted on: Jul 02, 2006


Lillehammer Kunnskapspark  Popular
Description: Lillehammer Kunnskapspark has, together with a handful of member organisations of JENKA (Scandinavia Creative Industries Network), successfully applied and received funding for a research project “Bridging the Gap”. The project will look at ways of attracting investors to the creative industries.
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Submitted on: Feb 15, 2006


Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs, Norway  Popular
Description: The Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs of Norway was established in 1982, and it is responsible for cultural policy, church affairs, regulations and other matters regarding the media and sports.
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Submitted on: Jul 02, 2006


Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage  Popular
Description: Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage is responsible for the management of all archaeological and architectural monuments and sites and cultural environments in accordance with the relevant legislation.
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Submitted on: Feb 14, 2007


Norwegian Library Association  Popular
Description: The Norwegian Library Association is a national independent organization with the main task to encourage and promote the development of all kinds of Norwegian library activities, including documentary and information activities.
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Submitted on: Feb 14, 2007