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National Arts Council, Singapore  Popular
Description: Established in September 1991, the National Arts Council (NAC) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts. Our mission is to nurture the arts and make it an integral part of life in Singapore. Eight divisions within NAC: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Literary Arts, Resource Development, Audience Development, Planning, Market Development and Corporate Communications, and Corporate Services; work in synergy to implement strategies, programmes and initiatives to help develop the arts in Singapore.
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Submitted on: Feb 21, 2006


Singapore Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts  Popular
Description: The mission of Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA) is to develop Singapore as a Global City for Information, Communications and the Arts, so as to build a Creative Economy, Gracious Community and Connected Society with a Singaporean Identity rooted in its Multicultural Heritage.

It has two fundamental thrusts:
1. Propelling the Creative Economy
- Develop and promote our creative industries (arts and culture, design, media) and infocomm technology sector to create new economic value and jobs.
2. Fostering a Connected Society
- Forge a strong sense of community, national identity, rootedness and inclusion among Singaporeans by enriching our arts and cultural resources, ensuring quality media content, and empowering individuals through infocomm literacy and access for all.
- Foster better understanding between the Government, Singaporeans, and international stakeholders through effective public communications.
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Submitted on: Jun 21, 2006