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Pan-European Arts Management resources

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Association of European Performers' Organisations  Popular
Description: The Association of European Performers' Organisations, AEPO, was founded in Brussels in 1994.
The objectives of it, which is a non-profit making organisation, are set out below:
- to develop and secure wider recognition of the collective administration of performers' rights;
- to further develop collaboration between performers' organisations at a European level in the field of performers' rights and in the collective administration of these rights;
- to contribute to highlighting the importance of the protection of performers and of the collective administration of their rights;
- to further develop cooperation on European and international agreements, with a special interest in clauses relating to collecting practices.
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Submitted on: Jun 27, 2006


Association of Finnish Theatres  Popular
Description: The Association of Finnish Theatres, which was founded in 1922, is an interest and employer organisation of Finnish professional theatres.
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Submitted on: Oct 16, 2006


Collect & Share  Popular
Description: The Collect & Share programme is a new consortium of European museum, gallery and adult learning networks, agencies and institutions. Funded through the European Commission's 'Socrates' programme, it has a particular emphasis on projects to benefit people who may be disadvantaged in society.
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Submitted on: Mar 02, 2007


Culture Action Europe  Popular
Description: We are a European level advocacy organisation representing the interests of thousands of artists and cultural organisations. With so many voices fighting to be heard in Brussels, it is essential that the not-for-profit cultural sector also makes its voice heard for European cultural policy and funding.

Membership is open to any cultural organisation (at local, regional, national or European level), which wants to find out what’s happening to culture in Europe and get involved in European cultural affairs. Culture Action Europe brings together members from the fields of theatre, dance, music, visual arts, socio-cultural work, arts management, cultural training and information provision, etc. in the belief that cultural cooperation matters in Europe.
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Submitted on: Jan 17, 2003


EUNIC  Popular
Description: EUNIC in Brussels is the framework through which EU national cultural institutions, with a permanent presence in Belgium, together with their networks throughout Europe co-operate in the development and execution of uniquely multilateral cultural projects and initiatives. EUNIC in Brussels’ activities compliment the national role and the cultural programs of its member institutes.
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Submitted on: Jan 25, 2011


Europa Nostra  Popular
Description: Europa Nostra, the pan-European Federation for Cultural Heritage, is the representative platform of over 200 heritage NGOs active throughout Europe. It is the voice of this vast movement of European civil society active in the field of heritage towards international bodies concerned, in particular the European Union Institutions, the Council of Europe and UNESCO.
It is dedicated to putting heritage and its benefits in the mainstream of public consciousness and to making heritage a priority for public policies both at European and national levels, and supports national and international campaigns for the preservation and rescue of Europe’s heritage at risk.
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Submitted on: Jul 02, 2006


European Centre for Cultural Organisation and Management  Popular
Description: ECCOM - European Centre for Cultural Organisation and Management has been founded in 1995 with the main goal of promoting an interdisciplinary approach to cultural management. Formed by economists, archaeologists, art historians, experts in training and cultural communication, it carries out analyses and research works for both public and private institutions, and realises projects on management and organisation of cultural activities and organisations.
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Submitted on: Jun 14, 2006


European Cultural Foundation  Popular
Description: The European Cultural Foundation wants to support the cultural cooperation in Europe. The present activities are especially in Middle and East Europe. In this way, the foundation is carrying about projects which are connecting with cultural dimensions of the European Unification. Only those projects are being supported financially (50 %) whose are supplied by non-profit organizations and whose are being involved with three or more European countries.
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Submitted on: Jul 31, 2002


European Cultural Parliament  Popular
Description: The European Cultural Parliament was founded in the premises of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, in 2001. The objective was - and is - to strengthen the role of cultural and artistic ideas and initiatives in Europe, and wished to strengthen the dialogue between citizens in Eastern and Western Europe and between the various arts sectors.
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Submitted on: Feb 07, 2007


European Cultural Tourism Network  Popular
Description: The European Cultural Tourism Network is the network which brings the tourism and cultural industry professionals working in different regions of Europe together to exchange experience and information on best practice. The agreed objectives for the network are: * to facilitate sharing of research * to facilitate the development of transnational projects * to ensure improved cooperation and integration between the tourism and cultural sectors * to develop and improve training opportunities * to to enable exchange of experience and best practice * develop common responses to European Commission consultations to link with other networks.
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Submitted on: Jul 10, 2006


European Foundation Centre (EFC)  Popular
Description: Established in 1989 by seven of Europe's leading foundations, the EFC today serves a core membership of more than 200 members, associates and subscribers; 250 community philanthropy initiatives; as well as a further 48,000 organisations linked through a network of information and support centres in 37 countries worldwide.
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Submitted on: Jul 09, 2003


European Institute of Cultural Routes  Popular
Description: The European Institute of Cultural Routes has been installed in Luxembourg since July 1997 and, since 1998, it has been in charge with ensuring not only the continuity but also the development of the cultural routes programme of the Council of Europe.
It was launched on the basis of political Agreement signed between the Council of Europe and the Government of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Its principal missions depend on a mandate and an administrative Agreement signed between the Institute and the Council of Europe.
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Submitted on: May 26, 2006


European Network of Arts Organisations for Children and Young people  Popular
Description: European Network of Art Organisations for Children and Young People (EUnetART) stimulates exchange, connection and collaboration among art professionals - bringing the arts alive for children and young people in Europe.
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Submitted on: Jul 18, 2006


Eurozine  Popular
Description: Eurozine is a network of European cultural journals, linking up more than 50 partner journals and just as many associated magazines and institutions from nearly all European countries. Eurozine is also a netmagazine which publishes outstanding articles from its partner journals with additional translations into one of the major European languages.
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Submitted on: Jan 30, 2006


Federation of Icelandic Artists, BÍL  Popular
Description: The main task of the is to encourage the Federation of Icelandic Artists, BÍL authorities to increase their role in the cultural and artistic development of the society and emphasize the essential contribution of authors and performers to promoting cultural identity and cultural development of the society.
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Submitted on: Mar 12, 2007


Fondazione Fitzcarraldo  Popular
Description: Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, based in Turin, Italy, was set up in 1999 as a research and training centre mostly involved in projects for local authorities and cultural management training. It was formerly known as Artlab. Since 1997 Artlab has focused on research, training and documentation. It undertakes studies in policy evaluation, arts consumption and comparative research with European partners. Since 1998 Fondazione Fitzcarraldo has been the operative headquarters of the Cultural Observatory of Piedmont. 
Director: Ugo Bacchella
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Submitted on: Jul 09, 2003


International Network Contemporary Performing Arts  Popular
Description: International Network Contemporary Performing Arts is an international non-profit association under Belgian law. Its mission is to stimulate the quality, development and contexts of contemporary performing arts in a global environment.
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Submitted on: Jan 08, 2007


LabforCulture  Popular
Description: LabforCulture is an online information and knowledge platform dedicated to European cultural cooperation, complemented by a range of offline services and programmed activities. The website provides an information on cultural cooperation across the broader Europe, as well as offering a platform for transnational cultural exchange, cultural debate, news and research.
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Submitted on: Jul 27, 2006


Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research  Popular
Description: Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research (Nordicom) is a knowledge centre for the area of media and communication research, a cooperation between the five countries of the Nordic region - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. It aims at developing media studies and at helping to ensure that research results are made visible in the treatment of media issues at different levels in both the public and private sector.
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Submitted on: Mar 14, 2007


PACT  Popular
Description: PACT aims to support cultural cooperation at regional, inter-regional and trans-regional level by ensuring information, communication and networking between the cultural operators in South-Eastern Europe.
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Submitted on: Sep 17, 2006


Trans Europe Halles  Popular
Description: Trans Europe Halles is a network of independent culture centres. It was founded in 1983, and provides a stimulating platform for exchange, support and co-operation between its members.
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Submitted on: Jul 25, 2006


Yourope  Popular
Description: Yourope was founded in November 1998. Its aim of the association is to collaborate and share best practice, and to pinpoint areas that would benefit from a joint approach.
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Submitted on: Jan 25, 2007