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Art Hostel  Popular
Description: Art Hostel - independent cultural space in the center of Sofia.
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Submitted on: Dec 10, 2008


Art Office Foundation  Popular
Description: The Art Office Foundation is engaged with Bulgarian artists and their works and the English version of the Web site is addressed mainly to potential partners and donors of the AO.
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Submitted on: Dec 10, 2008


Art Today Association  Popular
Description: Center for Contemporary Art in the second largest city of Bulgaria, Plovdiv. Art Today Association was established in 1997 as a nongovernmental organization registered in public favor. The Association’s aim is to present alternative and experimental forms of contemporary art; to work for their study and documentation; to build an informational data base presenting contemporary authors; to prepare periodical and unique print materials for art; to create a multimedia laboratory and residence program; to implement training programs for young people; to organize seminars, discussions, workshops; to popularize its activity among wide range of people, giving priority to pupils, students and young people. From its establishment Art Today Association works for the building of the Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv. The association won the right to situate the Center in the Ancient Rome Bath premises, rebuild in the period of the Turkish Empire. The building belongs to the Municipality and is a unique monument of culture from the 16th century with a specific interior. On 1st January 2004 started a three-year of Art Today Association supported by the Swiss Cultural Program in Bulgaria.
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Submitted on: Dec 10, 2008


BalkanKult  Popular
Description: In December 1999, artists, media practitioners, policy makers, researchers and representatives of intergovernmental organizations came together to support cultural co-operation within and beyond South East Europe (SEE). The regional participants from Slovenia to Moldavia, Croatia to FRY Macedonia then created BalkanKult.
BalkanKult established regional and international databases: The Cultural Catalogue, with over 6000 addresses and European Cultural Networks with information on 120 networks. All these databases are free and available on-line at the BalkanKult web-site.
Hits: 2204
Submitted on: Sep 23, 2004


Bulgarian Cultural Contact Point  Popular
Description: An information office for Culture Programme 2007-2013, responsible for the promotion of the programme on the national level.
Hits: 790
Submitted on: Dec 10, 2008


Bulgarian Ministry of Culture  Popular
Description: Almost the whole content, incl. news, documents, etc. is available in English. It could be a good starting point because of the good collection of links.
Hits: 935
Submitted on: Dec 10, 2008  Popular
Description: National Culture and Arts Server for Bulgaria
Hits: 5154
Submitted on: Jul 31, 2002


Cultura Animi Foundation  Popular
Description: Relatively new but intensively developed cultural foundation, based in Sofia. In the beginning of 2006 CULTURA ANIMI Foundation started working on the NewFaces project, implemented in partnership with EUROCITIES association. NewFaces, or New Fatherhood Concepts in European Cities, is a project aimed at raising fathers’ awareness of their right to take parental leave.
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Submitted on: Dec 10, 2008


Cultural Policy Bulgaria  Popular
Description: Blog for cultural policy in Bulgaria.
Hits: 829
Submitted on: Dec 10, 2008


Interspace New Media Center  Popular
Description: Interspace is a New Media Art Centre, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. InterSpace was founded in 1998 as a non-profit association of professional artists, informatics engineers, do-it-yourself media makers.
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Submitted on: Dec 10, 2008


Krug Circle  Popular
Description: Another independent cultural organization based outside Sofia, aims to investigate and to provide new art zones, including art village development, to bring young artists and poets together.
Hits: 873
Submitted on: Dec 10, 2008


Kultura Bulgaria  Popular
Description: The most influential Bulgarian weekly newspaper about art and culture.
Hits: 1865
Submitted on: Dec 10, 2008


National Academy of Art Bulgaria  Popular
Description: The National Academy of Art was founded in 1896 as a State School of Drawing, on a legislation suggested by three outstanding Bulgarian public figures, the artists Ivan Mrkvicka and Anton Mitov, and the historian Dr. Ivan Shishmanov. The buildings of the National Academy of Art house numerous lecture halls, studios, laboratories, workshops, a museum, a computer centre, and a library with two branches; administration premises, a gymnasium and cafes. The academy has nearly 1000 students in different specialisms in visual arts, history of art and design. The academy also has 130 foreign students and 35 Bulgarian and foreign doctoral students. The National Academy of Art has two departments, of Visual Arts and of Applied Arts. The chairs in both departments are responsible for teaching and research, and for the development and implementation of the curricula in the following fields where students acquire professional university degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts.
Hits: 1190
Submitted on: Dec 10, 2008


Red House - Center for Culture and Debate  Popular
Description: Important and influential independent cultural organization, based in Sofia.
Hits: 1440
Submitted on: Dec 10, 2008


St. Cyril and St. Methodius International Foundation  Popular
Description: The St. Cyril and St. Methodius International Foundation was established on October 20, 1982 as an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization with headquarters located in Sofia. Active in the field of education, but also in the field of art and culture.
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Submitted on: Dec 10, 2008


The Fabric Regional Cultural Resource Cente  Popular
Description: "The fabriC” Regional Cultural Resource Center was founded in March 2006 in the city of Gabrovo as a cooperation project of “The fabriC Association and the Swiss Cultural Programme South-East Europe and Ukraine. The Center offers a wide range of services to cultural organizations and professional artists in the region of North Central Bulgaria in order to dynamize and diversify the cultural life in the region with a long term perspective. The Regional Cultural Resource Center is the first of its kind in Bulgaria.
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Submitted on: Dec 10, 2008