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Association for Cultural Economics International (ACEI)  Popular
Description: The Association for Cultural Economics International (ACEI) is a scientific society that includes academic scholars, government officials, foundation officials, managers of arts and cultural organizations, and artists, united in their interest in furthering understanding of the economic aspects of the arts and culture in their own countries and throughout the world. It holds international research conferences every two years, sponsors small conferences, workshops, and sessions concerned with cultural economics at meetings of other scientific societies. It also sponsors the Journal of Cultural Economics and other publications.
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Austrian Society for Cultural Economics and Policy Studies  Popular
Description: FOKUS, the Austrian Society for Cultural Economics and Policy Studies, is a group of researchers and professionals in Economics, Policy Studies and Cultural Administration, devoted to the study of economic aspects of cultural policy in Austria. The mission of FOKUS is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and the co-ordination of new research throughout the Austrian federal states as well as to serve as a nexus between Academia, the Arts and Government. To promote these ends, the FOKUS membership meets on a monthly basis to present and discuss current research and recent developments in Austrian Cultural Policy.
In addition, FOKUS is holding international symposia. These symposia aim to bring together specialists from within Austria and from abroad to discuss a specific aspect of cultural policy. The symposia are intended not only to stimulate the exchange of ideas for active participants but also to provide a constructive contribution to public discourse.
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Cultural Economics. Collected Works of Harry Hillman Chartrand  Popular
Description: Harry Hillman Chartrand from Canada provides this huge resource of Cultural Economics issues.
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International Center for Art Economics  Popular
Description: The International Center for Art Economics - ICARE, was established in Venice in 1991 by the University of Venice, Ca' Foscari and the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia (I.U.A.V.).
The Center has been operative for seven years in collaboration with leading economic experts in this field, including William Baumol, Bruno Frey, Gianfranco Mossetto, Dick Netzer, Alan Peacock, Robert Tollison, David Thorsby and many others. The current Chairman of the Board is Gianfranco Mossetto, Professor of Cultural Economics at the University of Venice, Ca' Foscari. The Center's research topics focus on the analysis and regulation of the art market, on the study of the functioning of cultural organizations and cultural behaviours.
ICARE has also developed a documentation center and has held a number of seminars, workshops and tuition sessions both for senior and junior scholars from all over the world. Since 1991 the Center has been committed to the following research subjects:
  • Museums and their organization
  • The management and financing of opera houses
  • Visual arts markets. Temporary exhibitions and film festivals (La Biennale di Venezia and others)
  • The rrecovery and restoration of the church heritage
  • The management of visitor flows in art cities
  • The reclamation of historical and military sites  

    Main workshops and seminars held by ICARE:
    -"Arts and Economics: Anatomy of a New Power" (May 1991)
    -"Institutions and Cultural Goods"(February 1992)
    -"The Value of Cultural Goods" (December 1992)
    -"The Economics of Music" (June 1993)
    -"Museums: Economic Management and Behaviour" (summer school 1993)
    -"The Economics of Art Cities" (summer school 1994)
    -"The Economics of Intellectual Property Rights" (October 1994)
    "1995 Summer Workshop on Art Economics"(July 1995)
    -"Counterfeiting and copying in the arts" (1998 Workshop in progress)
    -"The Cultural Sector between New Needs and Old Constraint"; (1996 Summer Workshop)  

    The most recent publications and other works by ICARE are:
    LAZZARO E., "New ways of financing new art", ICARE, 1998.
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    The Research Group Art and Economics  Popular
    Description: The Research Group Art and Economics is a part of the Faculty Art and Economics of the Utrecht School of the Arts. The Research group conducts research on different aspects of cultural entrepreneurship. The results are used for (improvement of) education and practice. The Research Group is active on a regional, national and international level
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