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ARTWORKS- Artistic services in the Third Sector  Popular
Description: The Development Partnership (DP) “ARTWORKS – Artistic Services in the Third Sector” will be implemented from September 2002 to February 2005 as part of the European Community Initiative EQUAL. The DP consists of 12 partner organisations and is the only one of 58 Austrian EQUAL projects to be dedicated to the topic of “culture & employment.” The 30-month project aims at improving the general conditions of artists in the Austrian labour market. The measures focus on the development of new areas of work in the Third Sector, especially in social work and in the health care sector. The activities are intended to prepare artists and the organisations of the Third Sector for these new areas of work, and will foster cooperation and networks. At the same time, the social and economic relevance of artistic work will be brought to the attention of the public.
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Submitted on: Dec 02, 2002


INST - Research Institute for Regional and Transnational Processes  Popular
Description: The main focus of the INST’s research is the importance of the production of knowledge in (contemporary) cultural processes - regional and transnational.

The languages used by the INST for communication at conferences and for publications are German, English and French. The main areas of the organization’s activity are meetings (presentations, seminars, symposia, conferences), research projects and publications (Homepage, books, brochures, exhibits, films, virtual presentations).

The members of the INST work in more than 50 countries. The information found on the Homepage is viewed by approximately 60,.000 people from more than 100 countries each month. The highpoint of the INST’s activities to date has been the conference "The Unifying Aspects of Cultures"("Das Verbindende der Kulturen"), in which some 4000 people from more than 70 countries participated.

Legally the INST is a public, Austrian, transdisciplinary organization, defacto it is a transnational association, which is based on common interests in the production of knowledge.
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Submitted on: Jul 31, 2002


Kulturdokumentation Austria  Popular
Description: The Österreichische Kulturdokumentation- Internationales Archiv für Kulturanalysen is a non-university institute for applied cultural research and cultural documentation founded in 1991. Applying an interdisciplinary approach, the institute documents, analyses and publicises national, European and international developments in culture, cultural policy and cultural research.

The Österreichische Kulturdokumentation understands itself as an interface between relevant researchers, university and non-university institutes, libraries as well as archives, national and supranational organisations, lobbies and cultural policy makers.
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Submitted on: Jul 31, 2002