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Swiss arts management resources (in English language). Resources in German language you can find at our sister portal

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Arts Council of Switzerland  Popular
Description: Arts Council of Swiss is a foundation under public law dedicated to promoting cultural endeavours of nationwide interest. Founded in 1939, it is funded entirely by the Swiss Confederation.
The Council is intent on providing Swiss cultural practitioners with the best possible conditions for the creation and dissemination of their works. It helps them to optimize their impact at home and abroad and fosters encounters with artists from other countries.
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Submitted on: Jul 02, 2006


Swissinfo  Popular
Description: Swissinfo is a public portal service giving access to Swiss policy, civic life and culture.
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Submitted on: Feb 15, 2003


Visarte Switzerland  Popular
Description: As the professional association of Switzerland’s visual artists, visarte defends the latter’s interests on both the political and social levels. visarte seeks to ensure favourable conditions for artistic production, and provides counsel to the artists.

visarte.schweiz (visarte Switzerland) comprises 18 regional groups. Its membership comes to 3300 (as of July 2008), of which over 2600 are active members.

Founded in 2001, visarte.schweiz is the successor organization to the GSMBA (Association of Swiss Painters, Sculptors and Architects), which had lasted since 1866.
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Submitted on: Mar 17, 2003