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Websites related to the co-operation between Arts and Business as well as resources for sponsorship issues

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Americans for the Arts  Popular
Description: Americans for the Arts is the nation's leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts in America. With a 40-year record of service, we are dedicated to representing and serving local communities and creating opportunities for every American to participate in and appreciate all forms of the arts.
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Submitted on: Nov 10, 2004


Artful Sponsorship & Fundraising  Popular
Description: Artful Sponsorship & Fundraising helps charitable or non-profit organisations attract sponsorship and donations from individuals, businesses, trusts and foundations, particularly in the arts sector.
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Submitted on: Jan 09, 2007


Arts & Business UK  Popular
Description: Arts & Business is a not-for-profit organisation that helps its members in both business and the arts to develop more effective ways of working together. Our vision is to help build communities by developing creative partnerships between business and the arts.
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Submitted on: Jul 11, 2003


Arts and Business Sweden  Popular
Description: Arts and Business Sweden (Kultur och Näringsliv) is a forum for partnership between business and the arts, financed by fee-paying members. Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson, is its Honorary President. Members of Arts and Business Sweden, who come from a wide range of industries, form a unique network of key personnel from business, enterprise organisations and arts organisations, and a platform for cross-over contacts between individuals.
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Submitted on: Feb 17, 2003


Australia Business Arts Foundation (AbaF)  Popular
Description: Australia Business Arts Foundation's mission is to increase the level of private sector support for the arts.At their website you can see what AbaF can offer the business sector, the cultural sector, you can find more about AbaF, read about annual Awards, and get the latest news. Foundation's home is Melbourne (Australia).
Hits: 1779
Submitted on: Nov 15, 2002


BDS Sponsorship  Popular
Description: BDS Sponsorship , one of Europe's leading sponsorship resource centres, providing your every sponsorship need, knowledge consultancy,  reference texts, databases.
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Submitted on: Jul 11, 2003


Business 2 Arts (Ireland)  Popular
Description: Business2Arts, (formerly Cothú - the business Council for the Arts) is a private company which promotes business sponsorship of the arts. It is funded by its member companies. The concept behind Business2Arts is that of a two way flow, as in B2B. There is a return to business from an involvement with the arts: the two communities can interact and learn from each other.
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Submitted on: Nov 15, 2002


Commitment to Europe Arts and Business  Popular
Description: Commitment to Europe Arts and Business was established in 2003 to stimulate the partnership between arts and business. It is a not for profit organization that cooperates with the international network of organizations working in the field of arts & business.
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Submitted on: Feb 21, 2007


European Sponsorship Bourse (ESB)  Popular
Description: International Marketplace for Sponsorship and Event-Marketing, located in St. Gallen (Switzerland).
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Submitted on: Dec 03, 2002


Greater Vancouver Alliance for Arts and Culture  Popular
Description: In 1986, Greater Vancouver’s cultural community created the Alliance for Arts and Culture to provide a strong voice for the sector and an avenue to work together. This coalition now numbers more than 290 arts groups and individuals. We are an alliance of arts and culture organizations and individuals drawn from all artistic disciplines. We lead Greater Vancouver’s arts and culture community by advocating for our sector, facilitating connections within the arts and with other sectors, and providing information to and about our community.
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Submitted on: Aug 15, 2003


IEG Sponsorship  Popular
Description: Most people think IEG is an association. That's because it was founded with one goal in mind: to establish sponsorship as the fourth arm of marketing, alongside advertising, promotion and public relations. Having accomplished that goal, IEG continues to serve the sponsors, sponsees and agencies in sports, arts, entertainment, event, cause and association marketing through its products, services and advocacy. For example, each year, IEG sponsors two worldwide surveys: its survey of more than 3,000 sponsorship opportunities worldwide is in its 18th year while its survey of more than 5,000 sponsorship executives is more than a decade old. Findings from these surveys are available free to the industry and media and provide strategic information on the size and scope of the industry; spending trends; and opportunities.
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Submitted on: Jul 11, 2003


The UK Sponsorship Database  Popular
Description: The premier online database of UK sponsorship opportunities. Contains also Arts and culture news as well as links.
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Submitted on: Jul 11, 2003