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Best Practices in Museum Web Site Design  Popular
Description: This website explores the best practices for museum website design. It offers tools and resources, models and examples for museum professionals to consider when building your own educational website.
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Submitted on: Jul 07, 2003


Developing accessible cultural websites  Popular
Description: Developing accessible cultural websites and digital media can sometimes seem like a complex and forbidding task – but the benefits for all of us are clear. Some good practice ideas, links and guidance, collected by Jodi Awards (UK)
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Submitted on: May 20, 2010


KONTROL  Popular
Description: KONTROL is an online magazine in English, featuring articles, interviews and reviews specifically on issues of control. It aims to present perspectives on control in the course of contemporary art, culture, technology, information channels and politics.
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Submitted on: Feb 07, 2007


MECAD - Media Centre of Art & Design  Popular
Description: MECAD was created in September 1998 on the initiative of the Fundació del Disseny Tèxtil –FUNDIT, the institution that in 1989 founded Escola Superior de Disseny ESDI.

Located in Barcelona, MECAD’s activities are specifically oriented towards the research, production, support, training and diffusion for creative practices using infographic, audio-visual and telematic media and hypermedia. With this aim, MECAD has a training program devoted to postgraduate specialized studies.

MECAD has the will to be an open, decentralized entity, whose activities are take place in its own installations as well as in other cultural spaces with which cooperation is established, and also in the telematic space.

Through self-developed or collaborative projects, MECAD intends to increase the scope of its action to become a Centre of research and production of ideas and activities, a nucleus of reception and support for projects carried out by artists and designers and other entities, and a point of dissemination and launching pad for creators from all areas of Media Art.
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Submitted on: Feb 20, 2006


Mediacult  Popular
Description: The institute was founded in 1969 with the support of important international organisations (Unesco, International Music Council, International Theatre Institute, International Association for Music Education a.o.). Since its foundation, MEDIACULT has been in close contact with the University for Music and Performing Arts of Vienna, on whose premises the Institute is situated. Close co-operation with the Institute for Music Sociology especially facilitates the combination of research work and concrete artistic production and training. With its foundation in 1969, the mutual influence of cultural production, technological development and cultural policy has been the centre of the Institute’s work in research and mediation. Accordingly, in the 60s and 70s the new technical possibilities of the presentation of music (television, stereophony, etc.) and their effect on the systems of art and cultural policy was in the centre of research. In the 80s and 90s the digital technologies of production and distribution (CD, Computer, Internet, etc.) and the globalization of the culture industries gained prominence.(See the relevant publications and research reports). MEDIACULT research thus centres on new communication technologies and globalization, international cultural industry and current concepts and positions of cultural policy. Since 1997, the Institute’s work has been composed of three thematic sections: * New communication technologies, art and culture * Global music market – music in Austria * Cultural policy and cultural development
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Submitted on: Jul 09, 2003


OpenMute - Create/Collaborate/Communicate  Popular
Description: OpenMute is a web resource project aiming to support cultural practice in the information age. Through the provision of server space, tools, practical guidance and critical contextualisation, we seek to develop open and collaborative ways of working, and contribute to the kind of public knowledge architectures that will serve practitioners' needs over the long term.
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Submitted on: Feb 13, 2006


V2_Lab  Popular
Description: V2_Lab is a workspace where knowledge and ideas from various disciplines and professions are accumulated. We aim to connect different fields of research and development - from art to information technology - and we're convinced that the different expertise, aims and goals of these projects can enrich interdisciplinary practices.
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Submitted on: Feb 13, 2006