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Alliance for Nonprofit Management  Popular
Description: The mission is to provide leadership in enhancing a civil society by challenging and strengthening those who deliver management and governance support services to nonprofit organizations. Alliance members include management support organization (MSOs), individual professionals, and a range of national/regional, umbrella, academic, publishing and philanthropic organizations that provide technical assistance (training and consulting) to nonprofits. By ‘raising the bar’ on quality among its members and its members’ clients, the Alliance provides leadership in the enhancement of a broader vision, one of healthy communities and a stronger civil society.
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Submitted on: Mar 12, 2003


APInews  Popular
Description: A project of the Community Arts Network (CAN). The Community Arts Network promotes information exchange, research and critical dialogue within the field of community-based arts.
Published monthly as HTML email.
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Submitted on: Jul 11, 2003


Art4Development.Net  Popular
Description: Art4Development.Net is an international non-profit initiative with a purpose of furthering interdisciplinary, multisectoral, cross-cultural and creative approach in social change, and facilitating creative sector and stakeholders of development together empower socially and economically disadvantaged individuals and communities worldwide, particularly children, youth, and women.
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Submitted on: Aug 16, 2006


Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA)  Popular
Description: An international, interdisciplinary network of scholars and nonprofit leaders fostering the creation, application, and dissemination of research on voluntary action, nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, and civil society. Founded in 1971 as the Association of Voluntary Action Scholars, it is a neutral, open forum committed to strengthening the research community in the emerging field of nonprofit and philanthropic studies.
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Submitted on: Mar 12, 2003


Center for Nonprofit Management  Popular
Description: The Center for Nonprofit Management is a nonprofit organization committed to helping nonprofits enhance their results by providing education, consulting, research, performance evaluation, and recognition.
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Submitted on: Jul 26, 2006


Creative Capital Foundation  Popular
Description: Creative Capital Foundation, a New York City-based nonprofit organization, acts as a catalyst for the development of adventurous and imaginative ideas by supporting artists who pursue innovation in form and/or content in the performing and visual arts, film and video, and in emerging fields.
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Submitted on: Oct 02, 2006


GuideStar  Popular
Description: The name GuideStar was taken from modern telescope technology and refers to the role we strive to play in the nonprofit sector. In 1994, it began with a vision: to revolutionize philanthropy and nonprofit practice with information. We became a 501(c)(3) public charity in 1996.
GuideStar trys to create a more transparent and accountable nonprofit community, it is reshaping the infrastructure of the nonprofit sector. Nonprofits embrace this practice of transparency and accountability when they share information about their mission, programs, and finances with the public.
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Submitted on: Jul 13, 2006


Idealist  Popular
Description: Idealist is a project of Action Without Borders. Its aims are to connect people, and to provides information and resources for organizations.
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Submitted on: Jul 26, 2006


International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR)  Popular
Description: Major international association promoting research and education in the fields of philanthropy, civil society, and the nonprofit sector. ISTR reflects the growing worldwide interest in Third Sector research and provides a permanent forum for international research, while at the same time building a global scholarly community in this field. ISTR also has a number of regional networks and affinity groups and maintains an official journal.
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Submitted on: Mar 12, 2003


Leader to Leader Institute  Popular
Description: Established in 1990 as the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management, the Leader to Leader Institute's mission is to strengthen the leadership of the social sector, and to provide social sector leaders with the essential leadership wisdom, inspiration and resources.
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Submitted on: Jul 26, 2006


New England Foundation for the Arts  Popular
Description: New England Foundation for the Arts functions as a grantmaker, program initiator, regional laboratory, project coordinator, developer of resources, and builder of creative partnerships among artists, arts organizations and funders.
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Submitted on: Jan 16, 2007


The Council on Foundations  Popular
Description: Membership organization that serves the public good by promoting and enhancing responsible and effective philanthropy.
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Submitted on: Mar 12, 2003


The Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts Organizations  Popular
Description: The most comprehensive economic impact study of the nonprofit arts industry ever conducted, it is based on surveys of 3,000 nonprofit arts organizations and more than 40,000 attendees at arts events in 91 cities in 33 states, plus the District of Columbia.
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Submitted on: Nov 08, 2002


The Foundation Center  Popular
Description: It's mission is to support and improve institutional philanthropy by promoting public understanding of the field and helping grantseekers succeed. Founded in 1956, the Center is the nation's leading authority on institutional philanthropy and is dedicated to serving grantseekers, grantmakers, researchers, policymakers, the media, and the general public.
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Submitted on: Mar 12, 2003


The Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management  Popular
Description: Named for and inspired by the acknowledged father of modern management. By providing educational opportunities and resources, the Drucker Foundation furthers its mission to lead social sector organizations toward excellence in performance. For interesting publicatins by Peter Drucker see our nonprofit management bookstore.
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Submitted on: Mar 12, 2003


Voluntary Arts Network  Popular
Description: Over half the UK adult population is involved in the voluntary arts and crafts - those arts and crafts that people undertake for self-improvement, social networking and leisure, but not primarily for payment. The range of artforms is wide and includes folk, dance, drama, literature, media, music, visual arts, crafts and applied arts, and festivals.
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Submitted on: Jul 08, 2003


World Culture Open  Popular
Description: World Culture Open is an international nonprofit organization harnessing world's cultural legacies for advancing the wellbeing of humanity and the betterment of the world.
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Submitted on: Jan 08, 2007